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Thu Dec 25, 2014, 04:25 PM


An Agenda And Narrative That Wins Elections

To be clear, Democrats donít deserve all or most of the blame for an economy that still punishes the poor and middle class 7 years into the economic crisis that began building in 2007 just because Obama has been president for most of those years- not even close. It was George W. Bushís policies and regulators who led us into economic collapse while cluelessly ignoring the bright red warning signs flashing everywhere around them. And the Republican House and Republican Senators in the last 4 years who blocked good policies that would have helped create more jobs and raise a lot of workersí wages (infrastructure spending, minimum wage increase, etc) deserve a great deal of the blame.

But the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, was the one who pushed for the most massive deregulation of the financial industry in modern history, and Obamaís made a series of decisions that havenít helped either- failing to restructure Wall Street excess when he had the chance to in 2009, agreeing to a program of extreme austerity when the economy was still severely damaged in 2011, and keeping his executive actions to raise wages and spur the economy much more modest than they could have been over the last 2 years . And beyond the facts on what Obama has or hasnít done on the economy, when you are presiding over an economy this bad at raising wages, you are going to get most of the blame from the voters...


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