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H2O Man

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Tue Dec 2, 2014, 12:16 PM Dec 2014

Update: Road Rage (important)

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Last week, I asked the DU community to contact the Chenango County District Attorney’s Office, to express opposition to John Guzy being granted bail. This is the man who, on October 27, shot my cousin and his son, in a fit of “road rage.” Guzy, a retired NYC cop, was employed as a part-time deputy at the Sheriff’s Department at the time.

On Friday, December 5, there is a court hearing in which Guzy’s attorney will ask that bail be set. Under NYS law, a judge can set bail, but does not have to if there are strong reasons not to. If ever there was a case in which a person should be denied bail, this is it. Indeed, both the DA and police think that this case could spark a change in the law that allows the John Guzys to be considered appropriate candidates for bail.

This morning, I was told by a source very close to the prosecution of the case that the DA’s office has had an unprecedented public outcry, demanding that bail be denied. This is due to the good people who are part of the DU community. A lead investigator on the case said that the DA’s office has been “overwhelmed” with the number of letters and e-mails, and extremely impressed with their quality. He requested that we now send those same messages to the Judge’s clerk.

Typically, such messages are appropriately sent to the DA, who then informs the judge of the general responses. This case, however, is not typical. It is important that the judge hearing the case be fully aware of the public opinion. More, we have identified one exception to the state law that prohibit’s a judge from reading a letter. If the opening sentence of the letter begins with, “As a (family member, friend of the family, concerned citizen, etc), I want Judge Frank Revoir to hear my voice before deciding if John Guzy should be granted bail,” he is allowed to read it.

There are four primary reasons that the Court can use to determine to not grant bail. These include:

[1] The viciousness of the crime: Guzy was furious that the car ahead of him was traveling at the speed limit. As a result, he shot and seriously wounded Derek Prindle, age 60, a passenger in the vehicle; and shot and killed Derek Dylan Prindle, 26, the driver. Derek Dylan died in his father’s arms, before an ambulance reached the scene of the crime.

[2] Guzy threatened to kill both men. In fact, while Derek attempted to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to his dying son, Guzy slammed his handgun into the back of Prindle’s head, and pulled the trigger. The bullet jammed in the chamber. Guzy’s home is located a few miles from Derek Prindle’s, and the entire Prindle family is afraid of what Guzy might do if released.

[3] Guzy has threatened other community members in recent months. The police and DA are aware of his having at least two other “road rage” incidents, including one where he threatened to kill another driver. More, this summer, he became angry when two kids were riding “four-wheelers” (on their parent’s property). He fired his gun in their general direction.. Their parents called the police. Guzy claimed that he was merely “target-practicing” on his property. We know exactly what he was “practicing,” and what he is fully capable of.

[4] Guzy presents a flight risk. Last night, my youngest daughter, a high school student, summed it up very well -- if he has the resources to make bail, he has the resources to leave this area. He knows he is facing a life sentence, and has nothing to lose. Even if he got caught, what can the court do? Add years onto a life sentence?

Derek’s 86- year old father, a WW2 veteran, has taken him to the doctor’s today, as the bullet wound he suffered on that terrible day became infected. Having had the DA inform him yesterday that the Judge is considering actually setting bail on Friday has re-victimized my family. The past 24 hours have been hell. Derek called me early this morning, to let me know he wouldn’t be home (we are in contact every day, and I visit him most every day). A few minutes after we got off the phone, he called back to remind me to express his thanks to all of you for your support.

By nature, I do not like to ask for help. And asking twice is way more difficult. But I am asking that, if possible, you please send an e-mail to the Chenango County Court Clerk, asking that bail be denied to John Guzy on Friday. I hope that you know how much your help means to me.

I’ve got a full schedule between now and Friday’s court hearing. So, if not before then, I will definitely be updating you on how it went on Friday afternoon.


Link to Court Clerk: http://www.nycourts.gov/courts/6jd/chenango/county.shtml

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Update: Road Rage (important) (Original Post) H2O Man Dec 2014 OP
Best of luck. K&R n/t FSogol Dec 2014 #1
Is this the correct email address? I don't know if there's more than 1 kind of county clerk. octoberlib Dec 2014 #2
This is what I found: [email protected] Melinda Dec 2014 #7
Thank you! octoberlib Dec 2014 #9
Good luck to you and your family. NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #3
k&r... spanone Dec 2014 #4
Okay, I will get it there some time today. HappyMe Dec 2014 #5
Yes, please update with correct email address. malthaussen Dec 2014 #6
We live not far from there. rickford66 Dec 2014 #8
Slowing down and playing games with them only makes it worse. Tommymac Dec 2014 #68
The responsible driver is as bad as "the beast"? Sorry- no. Leylah154 Dec 2014 #79
keeping this kicked for visibility niyad Dec 2014 #10
Joining you in that, niyad. Let's keep this kicked! calimary Dec 2014 #32
K & R mountain grammy Dec 2014 #11
You have my full support! I will send the email. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #12
Best of luck. Hope to contact you soon. mmonk Dec 2014 #13
just sent emails to both addresses, H2O man mike dub Dec 2014 #14
Hey Mike. I'm from NC and I'm Mike also. mmonk Dec 2014 #24
Am out of state, but here's a kick for NYers. n/t JimDandy Dec 2014 #15
Out of state is important. H2O Man Dec 2014 #17
Well, ok then. I AM a potential tourist JimDandy Dec 2014 #19
LINK: H2O Man Dec 2014 #16
K&R myrna minx Dec 2014 #18
Bookmarking to read thoroughly later. CrispyQ Dec 2014 #20
**** BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2014 #21
Marking for later this afternoon. herding cats Dec 2014 #22
Thanks for the link! I just sent my email. I included my name, address and my email address. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #23
I sent my letter to both to be safe. I believe that he is an alcoholic with anger management issues Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #25
best wishes ellennelle Dec 2014 #26
Sending email to county clerk now. gademocrat7 Dec 2014 #27
I sent my email Omaha Steve Dec 2014 #28
It's worth a lot. H2O Man Dec 2014 #30
Here's the email I sent. I hope it helps. msanthrope Dec 2014 #29
What law school did you graduate from? Omaha Steve Dec 2014 #33
Temple. I chose it over Penn. nt msanthrope Dec 2014 #35
kick and rec! nt steve2470 Dec 2014 #31
In the mail today BrotherIvan Dec 2014 #34
Sent mine cp Dec 2014 #36
Courage! JDPriestly Dec 2014 #37
Never hesitate to keep us posted or to ask us for help, Pat. Kicking for visibility. Hekate Dec 2014 #38
Sent, H2O Man. johnnyreb Dec 2014 #39
K&R - email sent dorkzilla Dec 2014 #40
Can I borrow, w/o the Sheriff bit? Lifelong Protester Dec 2014 #43
Sure! dorkzilla Dec 2014 #45
Thanks! Lifelong Protester Dec 2014 #59
I'm down in the NYC area...do you ever get through this way? dorkzilla Dec 2014 #72
We drive through Buffalo Lifelong Protester Dec 2014 #77
Hudson is great! dorkzilla Dec 2014 #78
Kick for visibility! CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #41
Done, Kicked, Recommended and faxed for expedited delivery Sedona Dec 2014 #42
Excellent! Thank you for providing the fax number!!! peacebird Dec 2014 #73
Sent. My best to you and your family. nm rhett o rick Dec 2014 #44
In a sane country... americannightmare Dec 2014 #46
Check, one more for the County Clerk. Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #47
K&R. This John Guzy is out of his fucking mind. Enthusiast Dec 2014 #48
... Tsiyu Dec 2014 #49
Thank you for the update. I've been reading your posts about this kcr Dec 2014 #50
Here's my email. Anyone can feel free to copy and paste lovemydog Dec 2014 #51
kick glinda Dec 2014 #52
Grew up and went to school in Cortland. Here's what I sent. Hope it helps. gater Dec 2014 #53
i sent a short email. barbtries Dec 2014 #54
Happy to help with this H2O Man .. I'm so sorry for your loss, and thanks for sharing/reaching out.. 2banon Dec 2014 #55
Words cannot express the sorrow janlyn Dec 2014 #56
Done, hope it helps. denbot Dec 2014 #57
Bookmarked. Good luck! nt babylonsister Dec 2014 #58
Okay done. onecaliberal Dec 2014 #60
Sent mine. pocoloco Dec 2014 #61
Kick for visibility! CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #62
Thanks for kicking CaliforniaPeggy! FourScore Dec 2014 #64
Will do! FourScore Dec 2014 #63
Sent my two cents bobGandolf Dec 2014 #65
Sent a snail mail last week Iwillnevergiveup Dec 2014 #66
a message needs to be sent to gun humping lunatics Skittles Dec 2014 #67
Let Truth & Justice be served. Emailed Clerk as requested. Good luck to your family and community Tommymac Dec 2014 #69
another k&r nt steve2470 Dec 2014 #70
Will do... ReRe Dec 2014 #71
Email sent rosesaylavee Dec 2014 #74
Just sent my email proReality Dec 2014 #75
Done. Zorra Dec 2014 #76


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2. Is this the correct email address? I don't know if there's more than 1 kind of county clerk.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 12:23 PM
Dec 2014

Last edited Tue Dec 2, 2014, 02:18 PM - Edit history (1)

[email protected]

Edited to add the correct email address : [email protected]


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7. This is what I found: [email protected]
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 12:37 PM
Dec 2014

Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Madison, Otsego, Schuyler, Tioga & Tompkins Counties
Contact Us

District Office

31 Lewis Street - 5th Floor
Binghamton, NY 13901
Phone: 607-240-5350
Fax: 212-295-4927
E-Mail: [email protected]

Like you, I am unsure of the correct email, so I intend to use both. Hopefully someone who knows will update those of us who don't.


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8. We live not far from there.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 12:39 PM
Dec 2014

I had a relative killed in a road construction accident and am very careful about speed limits. When sections of I88 were down to one lane, I stayed at the posted 45 mph. I was constantly harassed by tailgaters. At the time I would slow down more until they backed off. Now I wonder if this maniac was one of them. This man should never see the light of day.


(7,266 posts)
68. Slowing down and playing games with them only makes it worse.
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 04:08 AM
Dec 2014

If you slow down you are playing the same game they are. And feeding the beast.

Don't give in - maintain your speed. Don't be guilty of playing games with other drivers - you are no better then them at that point.

If they are really bothering you that much - pull over at a safe location and let them go by.


(1 post)
79. The responsible driver is as bad as "the beast"? Sorry- no.
Sat Dec 6, 2014, 11:34 AM
Dec 2014

The poster said this is in construction zones. Do you drive? I'm guessing you don't, or you would know that you can't pull over and let people pass, it's illegal to pull over in a work zone (and impossible because there is usually no shoulder). He had a relative die in a road construction accident- why would he want to let someone pass so they can drive 90 mph in a work zone and kill someone else? Slowing down a little is not "playing games." Slamming on your brakes, I'd agree with- but I have a feeling this man is saying he goes from the posted 45 mph limit to probably 40 mph or so (like I've seen plenty of people do, and is still an acceptable speed- unless you're a Guzy)- nothing drastic. Letting someone know, in a subtle manner, that they are driving unsafe and should back off a little, is not the same as riding someone's bumper, trying to cause an accident. "The beast" shouldn't be driving in the first place if he can't control himself.
Also, to the original poster- great comment! There are too many people that put others lives at risk by driving dangerously. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, and I'm sure whoever you lost would be very grateful that you're dedicated to making sure no one else's life is lost in the same reckless manner (at least, not if you can help it!)


(82,537 posts)
32. Joining you in that, niyad. Let's keep this kicked!
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 02:27 PM
Dec 2014

Paul Begala once said 100 paper letters would change the course of a newsroom. It's the letters. It's the "somebody took the time to write this and send it in" thing. That is SIGNIFICANT. It means numbers. It means implied numbers. That same "somebody who took the time to write this and send it in" WILL BE VIEWED as representative of a lot more people feeling and thinking the same thing, except they may not be able to, or have time to, or think it's worth it to take the time to write this and send it in. But they STILL do feel and think the same thing.

mike dub

(541 posts)
14. just sent emails to both addresses, H2O man
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:07 PM
Dec 2014

though I'm from North Carolina, I tee'ed it up as "I would certainly be contacting my county's clerk's office Here re; no bail if a crime like this had Happened here" (didn't use caps in mid sentence, like I'm doing here ;o)
Best, Mike


(7,318 posts)
19. Well, ok then. I AM a potential tourist
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:31 PM
Dec 2014

who drives and therefore could be a target of road rage, so there's that.


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20. Bookmarking to read thoroughly later.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:38 PM
Dec 2014

This kind of viciousness cannot be treated lightly.

I will be back, promise.

My sympathy to you & your family.

herding cats

(19,577 posts)
22. Marking for later this afternoon.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:41 PM
Dec 2014

I'll be able to send an email later today. Peace to you and your family.


(150,656 posts)
23. Thanks for the link! I just sent my email. I included my name, address and my email address.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:44 PM
Dec 2014

I really want to see this monster put away forever.


(10,504 posts)
25. I sent my letter to both to be safe. I believe that he is an alcoholic with anger management issues
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:51 PM
Dec 2014

The stress of the charges against him are likely to make his drinking worse. His concern for consequences of any future acts may be nil as he could reasonably assume he is going away for life. There is a dangerous pattern of recent, violent behavior that poses a severe risk to the public and the victim's family.
If this man is granted bail it would be one more nail in the coffin that is our current system of justice. Cops, Wall Street executives, corporations like BP, and war crimminals such as Dick Cheney and Bush II should not be above the law, but have been these last several years. We need to respond in mass to the PTB that this will be tolerated no longer!
Make a pledge to yourself that you will respond each time that you see injustice in America. We are the only ones that will do it, it must come from us. Our politicans are paid to do the bidding of the PTB as is the media. They can be forced to properly do their jobs if enough of us remain vigilant and vow to no longer remain silent!

We are with you H2O Man!


(614 posts)
26. best wishes
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 01:59 PM
Dec 2014

this must be so trying, and of course we all support you in whatever way we can.

i would only add, no thanks necessary, as any efforts we extend on behalf of justice for one, also work toward justice for all.



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29. Here's the email I sent. I hope it helps.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 02:21 PM
Dec 2014

Dear Clerk Schell,

Please forward the following letter in protest of bail for Frank Guzy to the Honorable Frank B. Revoir. I thank you for help.

(name redacted)

(name redacted), Esquire
(address redacted)

The Honorable Frank B. Revoir
Chenango County Court Clerk
13 Eaton Ave.
Norwich, NY 13815

2 December, 2014

Dear Judge Revoir,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen regarding the upcoming bail hearing of John Guzy on Friday, 5 December. I oppose granting of bail, and although I have many reasons why, I want this letter to focus on two points, since I am sure you have already received so much mail on this issue.

One: There seem to be prior 'rage' incidents where Mr. Guzy made contact with the police. For whatever reason, the police involved chose to believe him regarding his explanations for his behavior. This did not serve as a wake-up call to Mr. Guzy to modulate his behavior either in tone, or in his use of firearms. In fact, it may have served to embolden him. I think granting bail would only serve as a further means of buoying Mr. Guzy, and I shudder to think what he might do.

Two, there is a current public perception that the police are treated better than most within our criminal justice system. As an attorney (licensed outside NY) who has practiced criminal law, I can only say that if the public does not perceive that equal justice is available to all under the law, even cops, then Justice has failed.

I have faith that your Honor will hear all voices, that you will follow the law, and that you will act accordingly.


(name redacted)


(9,126 posts)
34. In the mail today
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 02:28 PM
Dec 2014

I hope the judge is inundated with letters. This man is dangerous to your family and the community.


(6,850 posts)
36. Sent mine
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 02:36 PM
Dec 2014

Thank you, H2O Man, for asking us. This is one specific action we can take. Please be well and let us know what happens. Give your family our best.


(915 posts)
39. Sent, H2O Man.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 03:09 PM
Dec 2014

Enough info to identify the case, using your opening sentence, invoking my own father's WWII Pacific service in mentioning Derek senior's father's service, and plenty of ways to contact me for verification. Two very short paragraphs: No bail!!


(5,141 posts)
40. K&R - email sent
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 03:48 PM
Dec 2014

I just dashed off this email:

As a concerned citizen of the great State of New York, I want Judge Frank Revoir to hear my voice before deciding if John Guzy should be granted bail.

I have been following the so-called road rage case against Frank Guzy, and am disheartened to hear that bail is actually being considered for this monster. The man showed indifference to human life and was enraged because the two men he shot at were doing nothing more than following the speed limit. In an increasingly scary world, it is frightening to think that law abiding citizens can be summarily executed by a man with anger management issues, but that this “man” should be free, even for a short time, while that poor young man lies in his grave, his father suffering from the physical and emotional effects of the shooting (and lets not forget that he threatened the elder Mr. Prindle again with a gun while Mr Prindle sought to render aid to his dying son), is too much to contemplate.

I need not elucidate the myriad reasons why this monster should not be allowed to walk among decent and rational people ever again, but in an age when public perception is quickly becoming that persons associated with law enforcement are afforded more leniency, Mr. Guzy’s association with the sheriff's office may help him but will serve to greatly tarnish the department’s reputation. As the sister of a retired Sheriff’s Deputy, this bothers me not a little.

Lastly, the fact that this person has had brushes with the law owing to his ungovernable temper should seal his fate hereafter. If he shows his true nature again and someone is injured or killed again, would you be able to look that victim’s family in the eye, knowing you had the authority to keep this monster behind bars?

I am begging you to please keep us all safe and keep this monster behind bars where he belongs.

Respectfully yours,

Lifelong Protester

(8,421 posts)
43. Can I borrow, w/o the Sheriff bit?
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 04:38 PM
Dec 2014

I might rewrite, but the substance is what I'd like to borrow.

On edit, I travel by car, there in NY a lot!!

Lifelong Protester

(8,421 posts)
77. We drive through Buffalo
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 02:11 PM
Dec 2014

through the Finger Lakes area, then drive down near the Hudson. This year we went to Storm King, and then to the town of Hudson.


(150,656 posts)
41. Kick for visibility!
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 03:49 PM
Dec 2014

I hope many DUers will respond positively to your post, and send those much-needed emails, my dear H20 Man.


(3,778 posts)
42. Done, Kicked, Recommended and faxed for expedited delivery
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 04:31 PM
Dec 2014

Snail mail would be too slow from LA to get there by Friday.

Here's the fax number again if anyone needs it. 917-522-3477

It feels good to accomplish something so worthy on my lunch break.


(18,186 posts)
49. ...
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 07:05 PM
Dec 2014

My opinion: terrorists should not be set free to terrorize.

Guzy proved his murderous rage issues when he murdered. To let him out would be to endanger anyone with whom he comes in contact, anyone in the community, even the judge.

K&R and will write something.


(15,399 posts)
50. Thank you for the update. I've been reading your posts about this
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 07:29 PM
Dec 2014

I hope that judge denies bail ((hugs))


(11,833 posts)
51. Here's my email. Anyone can feel free to copy and paste
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 08:03 PM
Dec 2014

and change the wording to however you'd like.

[email protected]
[email protected]
To the Honorable Judge Frank Revoir:
​As a friend of the​ Prindle​ family, I want Judge Frank Revoir to hear my voice before deciding if John Guzy should be granted bail​.​
I believe John Guzy is still a threat to the public and as such should remain locked up. H​e delivered vicious and terrible gun violence that caused incomprehensible loss to the family - a grief and sorrow that surviving members will carry to their grave.​ Many in the community have expressed deep anxiety that should John Guzy be granted bail he will again cause violence to others. We must not take the risk that would allow that to happen.
Thank you for hearing my plea that John Guzy be denied bail.


(297 posts)
53. Grew up and went to school in Cortland. Here's what I sent. Hope it helps.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 09:00 PM
Dec 2014

As a native of Central New York, with family ties to the Southern Tier, I follow your local area news pretty closely from the Midwest, where I currently reside. I was shocked when I read about John Guzy's road rage attack against a fellow motorist that resulted in the death of 26 year old Derek Dylan Prindle, and wounded Prindle's father. My horror intensified when research into Mr. Guzy's past showed a series of actions which must be considered at least a careless disregard for human life, but more likely, a sociopath's disdain for the life of anyone who he feels has wronged him in some warped way.
It is from this viewpoint that I respectfully request you pass my feelings along to the court prior to the bail hearing Friday. Mr. Guzy may, at one time, have been a good police officer, but he is now just an armed brute and thug, and should not be allowed to threaten the community further, or given the chance to run and hide.


(28,929 posts)
54. i sent a short email.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 09:13 PM
Dec 2014

clearly the man needs to remain behind bars. that bail would even be considered in this case is insulting. All the best to your family, and I'll be looking for the update.

I remember when my daughter was killed. The stress level associated with court appearances was off the charts; it defies expression, i can only say that i went more than a little crazy for days before every court date. there is such an abiding need for justice, and it is so often denied. and the rage and the grief and the pain all so immediate.

the man who did this to your family should never see the light of day again. sadly he's too old to sacrifice all the years he cost your cousin, and nothing anyone can do will bring your cousin back. it's so hard, and so wrong.



(7,321 posts)
55. Happy to help with this H2O Man .. I'm so sorry for your loss, and thanks for sharing/reaching out..
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 09:30 PM
Dec 2014

K & R


(735 posts)
56. Words cannot express the sorrow
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 09:47 PM
Dec 2014

I felt reading your post. My deepest condolences to you and your family.


(34,186 posts)
60. Okay done.
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 11:31 PM
Dec 2014

Sent as a concerned citizen since I live in California. This whole terrible situation has broken my heart for your family. This is one small thing I can do to help.
Hoping for endless strength to get you all through this week. Keep us updated and do not hesitate to ask for anything we could possibly do to help.


(9,298 posts)
66. Sent a snail mail last week
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 03:26 AM
Dec 2014

Should have arrived by now from L.A.

Keeping this kicked for a positive outcome which I think is inevitable.

Hang on, H20 Man - WE'RE WITH YOU!


(7,266 posts)
69. Let Truth & Justice be served. Emailed Clerk as requested. Good luck to your family and community
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 04:44 AM
Dec 2014

Here is the email I sent. Feel free to modify and use as your own - please change it enough so it does not read like a form letter.

As a concerned citizen I want Judge Frank Revoir to hear my voice before deciding if John Guzy should be granted bail.

The extreme callousness and viciousness of this crime has drawn national attention, and I want to let my opinion be known.

This person, John Guzy, has shown an utter disregard for human life, and has shown he is capable of unreasoned and extremely vicious violence towards others. A malfunctioning gun is all that prevented him from killing a wounded father, Derek Prindle, while he was attempting to perform life saving measures on his son, Derek Dylan, who ultimately died from his wounds. John Guzy had just shot both men for the simple reason they were traveling the speed limit on a State Highway.

Members of Mr. Prindle's family are in fear for his life, and their own, if Mr. Guzy is released on bail for even a short time. They are traumatized by the initial violent acts of Mr. Guzy, whose past history of violent and antisocial behavior with firearms (including several other incidents of recorded road rage where he threatened to kill the other drivers and the fact that he has shot at children playing in his neighborhood) leaves them fearful that he will seek retribution on them immediately. He would also be a very likely flight risk due to his past behaviors as he has the resources to make bail so he has the resources to run, and he may think he has nothing to lose because he knows that the penalty for the crimes he committed would be life imprisonment with little chance of parole.

Do not grant John Guzy bail for any reason. Due to the viciousness of his crimes, the legitimate risk his violent and antisocial nature presents to the safety of members of the victims family and the community at large, and the high percentage flight risk he presents, John Guzy needs to remain safely in the custody of the State until his trial before his peers for murder and attempted murder is concluded.

Pittsburgh PA 1XXXXX


(10,597 posts)
71. Will do...
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 05:57 AM
Dec 2014

... no matter how many times it takes to keep that lunatic behind bars, and your family feeling safe. Hugs to you and your family. Be strong.


(1,628 posts)
75. Just sent my email
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 12:23 PM
Dec 2014

Short and to the point. Anyone wishing to modify it is welcome to...

As a concerned citizen, I would appreciate Judge Frank Revoir hearing my voice before deciding the issue of bail for John Guzy.

Though currently living in Kentucky, I was born and raised in Binghamton, NY; 90% of my family still reside in Broome and Chenango Counties. Having followed news items concerning Mr. Guzy's heinous crime on 27 October 2014, I fear for the safety of my family--and the general public--should this out-of-control police officer be allowed back on the streets.

Knowing that Mr. Guzy has threatened others in the area, I hope Judge Revoir will deny bail. It seems quite obvious that Mr. Guzy has serious mental issues and is capable of committing further crimes and/or of fleeing the state.

Thank you for your consideration.


(27,670 posts)
76. Done.
Wed Dec 3, 2014, 01:21 PM
Dec 2014

Again, so very, very, sorry, H2O Man, that this awful senseless tragedy has been inflicted upon you and your family.

I can't even begin to imagine the depth of the pain and loss you all must be feeling.

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