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Fri Apr 13, 2012, 11:54 AM

Happy Birthday, Jefferson, You Traitor

Impeach this imposter!

He claims to have been born on April 13, but the birth record says April 2. Well, which is it?!?!? If he can't even get that right, what else is wrong with it?

He was NOT born in the United States!!! It's official - he was born a British subject. Period, no argument.

Separation of church and state = job killer.

He claimed to have invented the Library of Congress by selling his personal book collection to the government. Where are the records? Obviously a sweetheart deal.

He cut out the parts of the Bible he didn't like.

He advocated the overthrow of legal authority by force. You know who else did that? That's right, Communists.

He sent out a "party" of men to "explore" throughout the American west. I'll bet they partied.

Booooooo, Jefferson. If you like it there so much, go back to France, traitor.

-- -- --

This is a cariacture of the sainted Jefferson from over two hundred years ago. I post this picture every time someone says of politics that it has never before been this bad or that it has hit a new low. As you can see, that is not the case.

The prairie dog sickened at the sting of the hornet or a diplomatic puppet exhibiting his deceptions

Summary: James Akin's earliest-known signed cartoon, "The Prairie Dog" is an anti-Jefferson satire, relating to Jefferson's covert negotiations for the purchase of West Florida from Spain in 1804. Jefferson, as a scrawny dog, is stung by a hornet with Napoleon's head into coughing up "Two Millions" in gold coins, (the secret appropriation Jefferson sought from Congress for the purchase). On the right dances a man (possibly a French diplomat) with orders from French minister Talleyrand in his pocket and maps of East Florida and West Florida in his hand. He says, "A gull for the People."

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