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Tue Aug 19, 2014, 09:14 AM

That's why, in the long run, I don't think HRC will run.

Both Clintons' primary motivation is personal wealth, allowing them to hang with the rich and famous. We know because of Bill's heart surgery that his health is quite frail. HRC has kept her medical records secret - I for one would like to know what caused the fall (stoke? loss of consciousness? as opposed to "fainting"which resulted in her hospitalization. She has continued to gain weight, despite saying she planned to get in shape after resigning from Secretary of State. I am not dissing her for being what is clinically labeled morbidly obese - simply recognizing that as a fact, along with all the serious health issues accompanying being that heavy in one's late 60's. Bill recognized it - that's what motivated him to serious life style changes and losing major weight.

The only reason the two of them can manage their jet-setting life style is that they travel the world in total, pampered luxury - private jets, at least 5 personal assistants, staying in presidential suites, etc. You know she can afford to have both a personal trainer and dietician - so why isn't she getting "back in shape"? One of my close family members has chronic health problems requiring major medications, and despite the most rigorous dieting, cannot lose weight. Again, where are HRC'shealth records? What medications does she take?

People at the level of the Rothschilds/One Percenters would not lower themselves to be elected "public servants". They know they can buy whatever political influence serves their purposes - elected officials are well dressed servants to the One Percenters. Why would the Clintons want to spend the decade of their seventies in the public fishbowl of the White House, with all the 24/7 stress involved? They already know exactly what that's like. Nope. She'll back out from her faux, undeclared race as soon as she's milked every possible million from the special interests hoping for future political favors resulting from paying her outrageous speaking fees and making contributions to the glitzy family non-profit.

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