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Mon May 26, 2014, 06:40 AM


Obama's Record

You know, some people talk as though President Obama has failed us. I know he's not perfect and I wish he had done some things differently, but let's look at the facts:

Unemployment is sown since he took office. We have created more jobs every month since his fifth month in office, every single month until today. We have had GDP growth in every quarter, beginning in his third quarter of 2009. The stock market has more than doubled. The budget deficit has been reduced every year since 2011. We are energy independent. Gas prices, far from being the predicted $5.00 a gallon from the "Doom Sayers", are at $3.69 a gallon today. He has ended one war and is winding down a second. Both wars he inherited. He has kept us safe at home. I'm sure there's more. But when people ask "what's he done?", these are some of my answers.

When you see Obama's approval numbers you can count me in the "approve" column. I know what the other side looks like.

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Response to louis c (Original post)

Mon May 26, 2014, 08:16 AM

1. It's his "free" trade, trickle down, corporate loving, billionaire kissing


economic stand that gets him in trouble with real liberals every time.

I think I could overlook him giving the uber rich an extension on the bush tax give aways with the lame duck congress. But his pro NAFTA, CAFTA and SHAFTA (TPP) is what puts him as a pretend liberal in my book. (Don't worry there are a lot of pretend liberals there).

His extending that fool Geithner, allowing bankster to get away without criminal prosecutions, not prosecuting war criminals for torturing POWs, and spying on everything that moves I can almost pretend didn't happen. If he had just done something about wrestling control of our economy away from corporations and the uber rich. Instead he gave us only talk.

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Response to fasttense (Reply #1)

Mon May 26, 2014, 09:33 AM

3. Plus one a whole bunch.

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Response to louis c (Original post)

Mon May 26, 2014, 09:28 AM

2. What ever...


The record shows aggressive, proactive pursuit of a corporate agenda...

...in every policy area important to the One Percent.

This list does not show the President trying to enact a more liberal agenda and being obstructed. It shows him working aggressively and proactively, over and over again, to install corporatists into his administration and to enact a corporate agenda.

Corporate and bank-cozy appointments, over and over again, including major appointments like:
A serial defender of corrupt bankers for the SEC; the architect of "Kill Lists" and supporter of torture, drone wars, and telecom immunity for the CIA; and a Monsanto VP who has lied and been involved in extremely disturbing claims regarding food safety for the FDA. An Attorney General who has not prosecuted a single large bank but wages war against medical marijuana users and *for* strip searches and warrantless surveillance of Americans. Tim Geithner. And now Penny Pritzker.
Bailouts and settlements for corrupt banks (with personal pressure from Obama to attorneys general to approve them),
Refusal by Obama's DOJ to prosecute even huge, egregious examples of bank fraud (i.e, HSBC)
signing NDAA to allow indefinite detention,
"Kill lists" and claiming of the right to assassinate even American citizens without trial
Expansion of wars into several new countries
A renewed public advocacy for the concept of preemptive war
Drone campaigns in multiple countries with whom we are not at war
Proliferation of military drones in our skies
Federal targeting of Occupy for surveillance and militarized response to peaceful protesters
Fighting all the way to the Supreme Court for warrantless surveillance
Fighting all the way to the Supreme Court for strip searches for any arrestee
Supporting and signing Internet-censoring and privacy-violating measures like ACTA
Support for corporate groping and naked scanning of Americans seeking to travel
A new, massive spy center for warrantless access to Americans' phone calls, emails, and internet use
Support of legal immunity for telecoms/warrantless wiretapping
Support of legislation to legalize massive surveillance of Americans
Militarized police departments, through federal grants
Marijuana users and medical marijuana clinics under assault,
Skyrocketing of the budget for prisons.
Failing to veto a bipartisan vote in Congress to gut more financial regulations.
Passionate speeches and press conferences promoting austerity for Americans
Bush tax cuts extended for billionaires, them much of it made permanent
Support for the payroll tax holiday, tying SS to the general fund
Support for the vicious chained CPI cut in Social Security and benefits for the disabled
Social security, Medicare, and Medicaid offered up as bargaining chips in budget negotiations, with No mention of cutting corporate welfare or the military budget
Advocacy of multiple new free trade agreements, including The Trans-Pacific, otherwise known as "NAFTA on steroids."
Support of drilling, pipelines, and selling off portions of the Gulf of Mexico
Corporate education policy including high stakes corporate testing and closures of public schools
Entrenchment of exorbitant for-profit health insurance companies into healthcare, through mandate
Legal assault on union rights of hundreds of thousands of federal workers
New policies of targeting children and first responders in drone campaigns,
New policies of awarding medals for remote drone attacks,
Appointment of private prison executive to head the US Marshal's office
Massive escalation of federal contracts for private prisons under US Marshall's Office

Chilling Legal Memo From Obama DOJ Justifies Assassination of US Citizens

Study: "Trade" Deal Would Mean a Pay Cut for 90% of U.S. Workers

Obama Appoints Bain Capital Consultant Jeff Ziets to Top Post

Obama selects former Monsanto lobbyist to be his TPP chief agriculture negotiator

White House: No Subsidies for Union Health Plans

Wall Street Deregulation Garners Bipartisan Support Despite Devastating JPMorgan Report

The USDA’s Reckless Plan to Decrease Food Safety

This is a complete list of Wall Street CEOs prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis

Wall Street will get away with massive wave of criminality of 2008 - Statute of Limitations
http://www.democraticunderground.com/10022516719Obama seeks longer PATRIOT Act extension than Republicans (December 2013)

When it comes to civil liberties, apparently Democrats are just as bad as Republicans.

NSA's Massive New Spy Center to Track Your Emails, Internet Activity, and Phone Calls

Obama Quietly Signs Abusive Spy Bill He Once Vowed to Eliminate

Obama repeals Magna Carta, asserting powers our forefathers denied to Kings

Obama's Memo on Killing Americans Twists 'Imminent Threat' Like Bush

Obama no better than Bush when it comes to security vs. civil liberties.

Obama Admin Seeks Permission TO LIE In Response To FOI Requests - Even To The COURTS

NDAA on trial: Obama Administration fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans

Obama administration complicit with private prison industry: President Obama's IncarcerNation

Obama, Democrats Push to Make Bush Spying Laws Permanent

NDAA, signed by Obama, is a direct attack against legitimate protest and dissent

NSA Whistleblower: All Americans under constant surveillance, all info. stored, no matter the post
http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002193487; http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021935289

Bipartisan Congress Disgracefully Approves the FISA Warrantless Spying Bill for Five More Years

While Public & Media Focused on 2nd Amendment, 5th Amendment Quietly Dismantled

How the Obama administration justifies extrajudicial killing of Americans,

Judge Says Under Law Executive Branch Can Commit Acts That Sure Do Seem Unconstitutional

Obama Justice Dept. says wiretap lawsuit should not proceed

NDAA Lawsuit- Hedges v. Obama, The Last Thin Line of Defense

Federal authorities step up efforts to license surveillance drones for law enforcement

Big Banks and FBI worked together vs Occupy

FBI Investigated 'Occupy' As Possible 'Domestic Terrorism' Threat, Internal Documents Show

FBI Documents Reveal Secret Nationwide Occupy Monitoring (Updated the OP)

Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations

Street artist behind satirical NYPD 'Drone' posters arrested

The Obama DOJ urged the Supreme Court's endorsement of strip searches.

Obama Administration Fights to Allow Warrantless GPS Tracking

Anonymous to FBI: hey, dudes, maybe you could take a break from...investigating activists....

Half a billion dollars for drones to spy on Americans

From Bradley Manning to Aaron Swartz -- The Government's Inhumane Persecution of Brave Truth Tellers

The sight of Army helicopters and the sound of gunfire...on Houston's south side

Kiriakou and Stuxnet: the danger of the still-escalating Obama whistleblower war

Can the DEA Hide a Surveillance Camera on Your Property?

Social Media and the Stasi

Homeland Security Wants to More Than Double Its Predator Drone Fleet Inside the US, Despite Safety/Privacy Invasions

CIA Behind Bizarre Censorship Incident At Alleged 9/11 Plotters’ Gitmo Trial

“I Am Wearing My Conviction As A Badge Of Honor.”

Meet the Contractors Turning America's Police Into a Paramilitary Force

How Secrecy Corrodes Democracy

Obama Quietly Issues Ruling Saying It's Legal For The FBI To Break The Law

US Pulls Plug on Iran Cable News (Press TV)

DHS Watchdog OKs 'Suspicionless' Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border

The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions

Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress

Why is Social Security Under Attack from Obama, when it ADDS NOTHING to the deficit???

The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions

Guess what? Chained CPI is the bright idea of Third Way, the (Corporate) Dem "policy shop."

...Obama explicitly campaigned on opposing Social Security cuts -- and he just endorsed them (AGAIN)

Obama's Promises on Social Security: His OWN WORDS

Bernie Sanders: Chained CPI: An Economic and Moral Disaster

wall street pulls the strings: social security under attack in february

Obama signs bill cutting 2.2 billion from food stamps

Obama's New Treasury Secretary Pushes Austerity That Spreads Global Misery

Obama appointed Alan Simpson & Erskine Bowles to his goddamned catfood commission...

Why does President Obama keep Appointing Monsanto Shills to Key Gov. Positions?

Penny Pritzker..The Subprime Queen...Obama's Pick for Dept. of Commerce

Obama's Betrayal of Public Education, Arne Duncan and the Corporate Model of Schooling

How can we NOT feel betrayed? These are just ONE day's headlines:

Obama Approves New Cross-Border Pipeline Benefiting Canadian Oil Sand Producers

Pres. Obama: Why are you pushing the Koch Supported Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Global Attack by the One Percent

TPP: A pact designed to increase the wealth and power of crony capitalists

The Obama administration's legal battle against whistleblowers, federal unions.

Obama’s Escalating War on Freedom of the Press

Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now In A Police State”

Obama administration asserts that NSA spying cannot be challenged in court

The Obama administration is aggressively growing private prisons

When you hear "Third Way", think INVESTMENT BANKERS

The Rightwing Koch Brothers fund the DLC -- article from '06

You do know how the DLC/Third Way was formed? (corporate money, corporate infiltration)

Third Way VP indicates they fear Elizabeth Warren's influence on the party.

Majority of Third Way support from Wall Street

The Democratic Party's deceitful game

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Response to L0oniX (Reply #2)

Mon May 26, 2014, 09:33 AM

4. +1 an entire shit load.

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Response to Enthusiast (Reply #4)

Mon May 26, 2014, 09:35 AM

5. I can thankfully only imagine how much worse it could have been with Rmoney.


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Response to L0oniX (Reply #2)

Mon May 26, 2014, 11:24 AM

9. Exactly. n/t


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Response to L0oniX (Reply #2)

Mon May 26, 2014, 12:58 PM

12. A load of GOPer BS few progressives take seriously any longer... used to work a year or two ago...

...doesn't work at all now...

Obama's imperfect, and not needing to be perfect to be one of the best, records..... stands for itself

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Response to louis c (Original post)

Mon May 26, 2014, 09:48 AM

6. I think many people


have trouble getting their heads around the fact that since Reagan all presidents have been uber pitchmen for Big Money and that it doesn't much matter who gets the job. The rest of elected and appointed America, with very few exceptions, is owned by the same people who buy and sell presidents.

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Response to sulphurdunn (Reply #6)

Mon May 26, 2014, 11:25 AM

10. But Obama portrayed himself as a liberal and promised hope and change...Oh never mind. n/t


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Response to fasttense (Reply #10)

Mon May 26, 2014, 11:37 AM

11. Yea, there are three


different pitches: right of center progressive, right of center conservative and far-right (which is always conservative). Of course there are a couple of socialists and left of center Democrats in congress, so we could thrown in left of center, but the oligarchy doesn't worry about them.

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Response to louis c (Original post)

Mon May 26, 2014, 10:22 AM

7. Why is reducing the deficit during a time of mass unemployment

and underemployment an accomplishment?

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Response to Broward (Reply #7)

Mon May 26, 2014, 11:07 AM

8. Good question. n/t


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