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Thu Mar 22, 2012, 10:36 AM

GOP Congressman Featured In Paul Ryan’s Budget Video Votes Against Paul Ryan’s Budget

GOP Congressman Featured In Paul Ryan’s Budget Video Votes Against Paul Ryan’s Budget

By Scott Keyes

On Monday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) released a video introducing his budget proposal. In it, Ryan narrates his plan as the video cuts to various shots of Americana, as well as members of Congress examining the budget. At 2:12 in the video, Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) discusses the plan with Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), who nods approvingly:


Last night, Huelskamp had a chance to vote on Ryan’s proposal as a member of the House Budget Committee. Apparently, the Kansas Republican did not like what he saw. The Tea Partier broke ranks with all but one other Republican on the committee and voted against Ryan’s budget. Democrats were unanimous in their opposition.

Huelskamp explained his opposition to the budget during a panel on Tuesday. “It’s not good enough,” the Tea Party freshman said. “Its just another promise that I’m afraid will be broken.”


It’s plain to see why Ryan’s plan would be a disaster for the country. The budget is a reverse-Robin Hood plan that takes from the poor in order to give $3 trillion to corporations and the rich. It purports to reduce the debt while actually increasing it. It ends Medicare as know it, takes away health coverage for 30 million Americans, and forces seniors to pay even more for their health care. Though Huelskamp, Amash, and Mulvaney may have their own objections to the Ryan budget, there are certainly plenty to go around.


Romney backs Ryan plan, to Dems' delight

Flim-Flam Fever

Way back in 2010 I declared that Paul Ryan — who was rapidly becoming the darling of the “fiscal responsibility” crowd — was a fraud, a flim-flam man. Very Serious People were very seriously annoyed — they’d anointed him, and they didn’t want to hear anything negative. They even gave him a “Fiscy”, an award for fiscal responsibility.

So I wonder: are they willing to concede, at long last, that he’s a clown?

His latest budget proposal has received some harsh critiques. It calls for huge tax cuts, supposedly offset by closing loopholes and ending tax expenditures — except that in a long report he fails to name a single tax expenditure that he would cut. It assumes drastic cuts in discretionary spending, basically eliminating everything except defense. And over the medium term, of course, it’s a plan to savage the poor while giving big tax breaks to the rich.

So actually two questions: are people finally willing to concede that Ryan is not now and has never been remotely serious? And — I know this is probably far too much to ask — are they going to do a bit of soul-searching over how they got snookered by this obvious charlatan?


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