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Thu Nov 7, 2013, 02:19 PM


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WOW I find it funny that the angry white males are rebelling against change when they have been the benefactors for so long. For every perceived injustice brought upon them in this so-called new society of change. Cry me a river that you’re not in the cat bird seat any more, everyone should be equal, equal work for equal pay, black, white, male, female, gay or str8 EQUAL is key word. The bottom line is the rich have jettison the poor white man, now he has to get in line with those whom he used to look down upon, sucks doesn’t? Well here is the upside, your blinders have been removed, “you can see clearly now the rain in gone, you can see all the obstacles in our way”.

The analogy is: peasants and noblemen, some peasants are selected to keep the rest of the peasants in check while the noblemen screw us all; problem is once the castle walls are high enough (Rich enough) then all the peasants become unless to the Rich/noblemen, then you’re shoved back in with the rest of us peasants, welcome home.

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