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Sun Oct 27, 2013, 12:57 PM

I'm glad you have the stomach for it, because I don't.

One time the nearest tv station 60 miles away started giving everyone with basic cable - which I had for about 6 months - all the available channels as bait. I started clicking through to see what was there and stumbled across a televangelist railing about President Obama being the anti-Christ because, and I quote, "He wages PEACE!" I wanted to throw a shoe at the tv.

Maybe your profession has honed the ability to control your temper, and I admire that regardless of the reason. But I seem to have majored in shoe throwing myself. Sometimes if I know a person directly and like them otherwise, I can gently deflect an occasional asinine TP comment, but that's rare indeed. I grew up around brothers and boy cousins, and that's who I like to blame for my temper. It really is all their fault, believe it or not. Trouble is, I pitched ball the way they taught me, overhand, and a shoe is just as good a missile as anything else.

No, I wouldn't have lasted very long as an attorney, would I?

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