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Sun Oct 6, 2013, 10:59 PM


Obamacare vs. the Republican Bubble

If Facebook is good for anything, it's good for exposing ignorance...I mean the kind of ignorance that you wear on your sleeve as a badge of honor type of ignorance. I'm talking real "Republican Bubble" stuff. I'm having this conversation about Obamacare with the "Republican Bubble." So good I must share with my friends!! LMAO! Hahahaha

Some background: Republican #1 is a HUGE! Christian. It's all over her FB and we've had several conversations about faith and religion.


Republican #1: I am reeeally enjoying the conversations/statements coming across talk radio today!! #obamacare #shutdown #inconsistencies What I don't understand is that I keep hearing "the people voted in Obama" and "the people voted for Obamacare" but DID WE?? I thought the majority popular vote was against Obama but those dang Electoral votes (no doubt PAID FOR) swung the "vote" to Obama. Am I all wrong on that?

Republican #2: No we did NOT get to vote on Obamacare...they did that for us!

Republican #3: They passed a partisan bill with no Republicans signing on to it and they had to pay off a number of Democrats with goodies in order to get it through. It has never had majority public support, in fact, as more is known about it, it becomes more unpopular. The fact that Congress had to create a subsidy for to pay for coverage for themselves should say it all. It is a craptastic deal for the American people.

Republican #4: Polls show EVERYONE hates Affordable Care Act...

Republican #1: How about Big Brother and the Dems quit telling me what to do with the money we earn? They already take their own fat chunk right off the top. I'm actually wise enough to choose my own health insurance (which I do and pay healthily for), choose my own healthcare provider and make choices for my own families course of medical care. There's already a social healthcare called Welfare and that sucks bc they let people take advantage of the system TO THE HILT.

Republican #2: Yeah I never understood the push for obamacare...they already offer medicade. Right?

ME: What's the downside to trying to insure 30 million people?

Republican #4: Why don't you get on the website and pick a plan. See what you find.

ME: I suggested R1 do just that since she's a small business owner and is eligible for tax credits. EPIC FAIL! So I've changed tact and will attempt to appeal to her areas of expertise: morality and Christianity. As for me, I've already completed the application. Approval pending.

Republican #4: You should love your deductible.

ME: Iol if you're going to make this about me, I am going to love everything about Obamacare, deductible included. But I'm not that self-centered. What I really love about Obamacare is that it will extend health insurance to the millions who don't have it or couldn't get it before.

Republican #4: People who can't afford insurance won't be able to afford an exorbidant deductible, which is what they Will have to pay because it will not be healthy people who are signing up for ACA. The insurance companies aren't going to give this stuff away

Republican #1: I have my Affairs in line, yo! I've no need for any credits from Obamacare. They have sticky strings attached, I'm sure of it. Seriously (ME), I appreciate your thinking of me though.

ME: Nice tap dance, R1. Let's back up a post. What's the downside to trying to insure 30 million people?

Republican #1 Er, you were trying to sway ME. EVERYTHING is ass backwards in this country anyway. We stuff our faces with grease laden fast food that isn't even mostly made of natural ingredients and we wonder why we need all these disgusting medicines that have a myriad of side effects that can be life threatening. Oh my word!! Roll in a government that'll mandate NUTRITION and prevent the media from lying to our children about food and then we won't neeeed to constantly rely on all these docs, meds, insurance. Obesity in children and adults in off the charts in our big gulp world. Teach people togovern their health not require the government to treat symptoms IF they see fit.

ME: Well R1, you can toss one mean word salad! lol

ME: So R4's best argument is: no one who doesn't already have insurance should get insured because (she thinks) some people won't be able to afford it, and besides, their deductible will be too high. That's a really fascinating argument obviously lost on her!


Bill Maher is so right! hahahaha

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