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Sun Sep 8, 2013, 06:28 PM

Crazy Right Wing Crazy Motherfucker Charles Krauthammer twists Gen. Dempsey's Words

The White Houseís top military officer can tell you his objective in Syria just fine

"My colleague Charles Krauthammer believes itís not worth intervening in Syria unless we actually intend to weaken Assadís regime and help the rebels win. Thatís a reasonable argument, though it does raise the question, ďWhat if the rebels actually win?Ē No one whoís read C.J. Chiversís horrifying report from the front lines can feel very comfortable with that prospect, either."

I, Arely Staircase, agree. I am not advocating US intervention for that reason (though I thin k the administration is making a much better case now and should they decide to hit Assad with some cruise missiles, I hope they get the bastard himself. But here is the interesting point on the Krauthammer bullshit..

"For better or worse, the administration does have an articulated goal in Syria: Punish Assadís use of chemical weapons with strikes that will deter future tyrants from following his example. At times, the administration also argues that those strikes ó which will focus on Assadís military infrastructure ó will degrade Assadís capabilities just enough to push him toward the negotiating table. That might be too little, or too muddled, of a mission for Krauthammer. I think the kind of calibration that requires merits quite a bit of skepticism. But being skeptical of the articulated mission is different than there being no articulated mission. Dempsey is perfectly clear on whatís been asked of him."

So, good bullshit call on the bullshitter Krauthammer and his bullshit.


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