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Thu Sep 5, 2013, 04:35 PM

Well, I'd be proud to have you represent me any day!

Except, no offense intended, I hope I never see the need for a solicitor.

Here where I retired to an affordable tiny MidWest town, I spent a couple years at a steady drumbeat against the abuses of a regional mini-bus driver. Wrote descriptive letters to the main office after every trip with him. Among his many other attempts at suppression, he hired a local lawyer to send me a cease and desist letter. I emailed her a warning that she was interfering in a whistleblower operation and she might be happier not trying to intimidate me either. She emailed me back saying I needed another lawyer to address her about anything; in so many terms I told her stay out of my way and that I didn't need a go between to address her highness.

I never heard any more out of her, although the bus driver finally filed a false police report against me, claiming several days after the alleged event that I'd carried a gun on board and threatened everyone. You can imagine how fast our local police chief hurried over to interview me. I'm still mad at him too, though, because he refused to do anything about the false police report, which is a felony even here. Nobody would do a damn thing about it except the publisher of our local weekly. He's well known for publishing almost anything, and my letter of outrage had the whole region in an uproar for weeks. Sadly, it took the driver's supervisors at least 8 years to get rid of him, although they did recently. I think they knew they were riding a tiger. The guy's downright homicidal. Lives in a tiny house about 700 sq feet from all appearances, with a dog and 15 cats at last report, but he insists it's a 2-story as if people are going to swallow that. I'd give almost anything to find out what straw finally broke the camel's back. Maybe he made death threats against one of them as he did to me several times, or threatened them once too often. They cared not what he did to other people.

Anyway, sorry for my rant. But I'm so extremely fond of being left in peace that the thought of legal proceedings makes me sick. Still, please realize/remember we don't all hate all lawyers - especially not when they save our neck. God bless you.

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