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Sun Dec 18, 2011, 11:48 AM Dec 2011

(Political) Sunday Dental Thread:

Of Hope: My reliable liberals are coming in and telling me that they can't wait to vote AGAINST the Republican nominee, whomever (s)he might be.

Of Concern: Many working-class people are coming in and asking me whom I will be voting for. When I say "Obama no matter what.", they seem surprised, but nod - I assume approvingly, that I have upheld their beliefs that it's the best 'choice' - although many feel that there isn't a choice, I instruct them that there's a giant difference between the two parties, that is the RATE of American decline is greater under the Republicans.

Of Humor: The term "Republican Clown-car" seems to have made it into the lexicon - many people refer to the campaign/debate as just that.

Of Head-scratching wonderment: Those who come in who can't seem to get the fact that whilst Obama was President, several of the heads of the terror-machine "as they were publicized by the Bushies", have been eliminated. They want the Armed Services to get the credit - find and dandy - but don't wish to allow the President to take any credit at all whatsoever, although they gave full-credit to Bush for anything and everything AND THIS INCLUDES QUITE A NUMBER OF PROGRESSIVES, or at least people whom I THOUGHT were Progressives.

Of Depression: That anyone with an I.Q. over 95 could possibly be taken in by the bigotry of the Right: the hatred of the poor, disadvantaged, and sick, the hatred of people of color, of certain specified religions, of nationalities, ALL THE WHILE claiming to be generally-holier-than-thou Christians whose bodily processes do not possess odor. (Howzzat for Sunday Morning tact?) It is grievous and IF THERE IS A HELL as they proclaim over there, then they had best better read themselves some Dante, so that they can figure out which Circle they're going to be doomed to. Of course if there isn't a Hell, then all their points are moot - so, quite frankly, they're in a lot of trouble.

Well, back to running bills for co-pays which, even at a discount, a DEEP discount, my patients generally can't afford because they're strapped in this econominc "upturn".

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