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Sat Jul 27, 2013, 06:44 AM

You're complaining about Nukes and fear?

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Seems a contradiction. You are constantly saying guns are nothing more than inanimate objects and that they don't kill. The ill will in people's hearts kill.
We're supposed to find a cure for the darkness in people's hearts while making sure they have every lethal weapon they can possibly stockpile. (Why anyone who doesn't have ill intent even wants weapons like assault rifles, you of course never contemplate). You again make that very point in this thread, but someone nukes are different. The fact is nukes also require someone to set them off. By your argument, it is entirely illogical to worry about nukes, chemical or biological weapons, or any WMD, since they are merely inanimate objects. So much for ideological consistency.

Your entire argument lacks coherence. You complain that society cultivates fear, when in fact the greatest fear is perpetrated by pro-gun elements. The NRA and their lackeys deliberately cultivate fear of black criminals, of home invaders, of attackers in the shadows who can only be combated with scores of expensive weaponry. Most of us aren't afraid of our fellow citizens. Normal people don't go around in fear. They don't give much thought to terrorists, and know that their chances of being hit by a terrorist attack pale in comparison to being shot by a killer with a gun. In fact, we Americans have a higher homicide rate than do Palestinians in the West Bank living under Israel occupation. Such is life in the world's foremost gun culture. Even considering the US's disproportionately high homicide rate, most of us don't go around in fear. That falls to paranoids too terrified to go to the grocery store or coffee shop without a gun. All you have to do is read posts by gun proponents to realize that they exist in a constant state of fear that simply does not occur to rational human beings.

You insist we have no business being afraid of loaded, lethal weapons, yet have never once suggested to a gunner that he doesn't need to be fearful of physical attack from an unarmed assailant. Again, ideological consistency doesn't seem to matter. How bizarre that you would insist it is irrational to be afraid of a gun but not an unarmed teenager.

Tying to use "shooting deaths to pimp an agenda,"an agenda of human life over guns, killing, and corporate profits: Yep, count me guilty. I care much more about the lives of innocent victims that guns. I always will. Naturally you would suppress all notice of crime and gun violence to ensure no one question the sanctity of guns above all else. How morally corrupt of us "pimps" to actually care about human life. We should aspire to disdain our fellow citizens, to see them as only potential assailants or targets, just as the gun lobby teaches. How dare we care about innocent children and adults killed by gun totters, while their apologists work relentlessly to insist discussing such crimes is unacceptable.

I, and many like me, simply do not have the coldness of heart necessary to become what you think is acceptable. I will not refuse to care about human life because you find it inconvenient. Many of us remain human beings committed to social justice and human rights over the machinery of death and corporate profits. That is what being a socially conscious, morally responsible human being is about.

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