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Sat Jul 13, 2013, 01:40 PM


and from your point of view, how do you explain

the silence that follows the shot; the
absence of hoarseness in Zimmerman's voice?

My speculative opinion is that both
of their voices might be on that tape.

If Zimmerman attempted to detain Martin
in any way, and Martin responded aggressively,
maybe Zimmerman panicked when it became
a physical fight, it suddenly got real, and he
is a big chicken, so he started yelling for help.

He somehow got his gun. Or he already had
his hand on it, which is what I believe, from the
moment he left his car.

This is only my imaginative speculation and
I wasn't there nor am I on the jury. I
know you know that already.

Trayvon started screaming for his life, and

Because to me, it sounded like there were
two different types of yelling on that tape.

I consider Zimmerman depraved.
He could have pled involuntary manslaughter
right at the start, taken some responsibility
or showed some remorse. Might not
even have done jail time.

Instead he lied and lied, and his team of
experts and lawyers distorted the story until
Trayvon was on trial instead of him.

Instead he concocted a fabulous tale which is simply
unsupported both by forensics and many of the
witnesses. He is a fool.

That's why in my own mind it went from being
manslaughter to second degree. The post-
event activities & statements attest to ill
original intent.
My opinion only.

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