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Thu Jul 4, 2013, 02:35 PM


Did congress give up their authority with the Patriot Act? I think not. They can't give up their

authority. They need to re-claim it if they think they aren't being told enough. That's just my opinion. They pass the laws, which the the administration (any administration) must follow. It doesn't get much simpler than that. If the secret body of law was so secret that congress doesn't know every detail, then they either don't know enough or are, (what's the phrase?), "disingenuous". So I would say we need to start asking some very tough questions of our reps. I just keep coming back to "secret body of law". Tell me, really, what could be so sensitive as to require a secret body of law, anyway? Most of the cat is apparently out of the bag now, anyway. So they are spying on us. All of us. They are storing it all for the indefinite future (read forever). So they are scanning every piece of mail. So they are storing every single phone call. They have computers and programs of all shapes and sizes to learn what size underwear we wear and what brands we prefer. So they know we are xx-somthing with x kids and x dogs and are divorced. So they know we have hemorrhoids and acid reflux. So they know that we have had 3 prior surgeries, including what kind and who the doctors were. Turns out, paranoia isn't an actual treatable disease any more.

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