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Sat Jun 29, 2013, 07:25 PM


+1. Wow that is something, and the link is to the Ron/Rand Paul boards

the link you posted (from the OP cut/pasted here)-
The dailypaul is a bonafide RON AND RAND site, for their supporters.


Good investigative work, and everyone likes investigative reporting.

The TOS of DU indeed specifically states NO Paulites (Paulites=Ron/Rand and this is their site).

Do people not know Ron and Rand are bonafide REPUBLICANS who this week were jumping for joy that
the US SUpreme Court tore down voting rights for all Americans

while at the same time,
Rand Paul was ranting and raving over the DOMA victory we Democratic party supporters are very happy about.

Sorry, I myself DO NOT STAND for or with Rand.

I support the Democratic party of Barack Obama, President. Not the republican senator from Kentucky.

What the Paul's are doing are equal to Karl Rove in the dirty tricks business.

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