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Sat Jun 22, 2013, 06:06 AM


Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew 3.

I AM CLOSING THIS DOWN as it is veering off message. but am cutting/pasting the OP here, and putting it in my journal.
It makes the point that we all know and follow people but in America, in such a big and vast country, it isimpossible for all of us to know by name every single person.

44 President (actually only 43), how many can name all of them and in their correct order?
How many people know Millard Fillmore's vice president? (note, that is a trick question, as he did not have one).
Everyone has their favorites and those they know, but favorites are not the same to everyone.

If it would be that simple, everyone would agree who was the greatest pitcher of all time, Sandy Koufax or Bob Gibson.
--------------------------------------the following was the post in the OP that I closed down.--------------------

Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew about 3 of them.
And I venture to guess most people in America also would say the same thing.

Four people of various celebrity died within a day of each other, and you know what, I only knew 3.

The greatest writer in Rolling Stone magazine history died, and I read him all the time, and his books.
His name was Chet Flippo. I even had the pleasure of meeting him and talking to him. Loved his writing style both in Rolling Stone and his books, and later on the CMT.com site.

I knew about 90 year old Slim Whitman even before his comeback on latenight tv, and later on Mars Attacks!!!
(and who didn't in their shower try to do what he did).

I knew about as did everyone James Gandolfini and I can honestly say I never saw the Sopranos as I don't get HBO,
though according to my latest cable bill, it will be available under our plan free of charge(except the bill is going up ten dollars
to get it free).

However, the other,Michael Hastings, I never heard of.
I heard of him because of the accident, and they say he wrote for blogs and articles and had some articles in Rolling Stone.

However, I get a subscription to Rolling Stone. I wrack my brain, and I can't recall ever seeing his name in it.

I buy it for old times sake, and the music stuff and Hollywood stuff.

The NY Times, well, after Jayson Blair and Judith Miller, and their getting rid of Frank Rich (who pegged it 100% correct about the President and the hatred of him), and what it was from day one), I don't really read the news in the Times.

Ironically, their obituaries are the one thing I still buy it for, and the Sunday Crossword puzzle, and their entertainment stuff.
Without the obits, I wouldn't know some great character actors died.

But through the years, the people I have listened to, most people in America never heard of any of them.
I listened to WLIB for years, with Gary Byrd and Mark Davis and I watch Al Sharpton.
Can't recall him being mentioned on any of the three (but I am sure Gary and Mark are names foreign to most people too.

There are 325 plus million people in America.

It's nothing personal, it is the truth.

And I bet others would agree with me.

In my travels the last 2 days, I asked everyone I saw about the 4.
They all heard of James. A few remembered Slim. One person besides me knew Chet.
No one knew this writer/blogger Michael Hastings.

It's a matter of perspective.

It's what it is. It is not putting him down, or elevating the others. It's not an insult.

It is my opinion. Of course you are welcome to disagree with me.

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