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Thu Jun 20, 2013, 02:17 AM

This is my take on things

1- The membership, both posting and lurking, ranges from true neo-Nazis (usually lurking) to Communist to hard-core right wing Libertarian to anarchist to Democrats (from all points of the spectrum in the party) to Republicans (both posting and lurking) to paid and unpaid trolls. No, I have no idea who anyone is, apart from their self-identification.

2- Out of that spectrum, predictably, some sub-groups are seldom, if ever, going to approve of President Obama's behavior and policies. Some more than others. Only a true believer is going to 100% approve of PBO and his policies and post that way. The rest of us like PBO to varying degrees and approve of his policies to varying degrees.

3- You have the vocal posting minority, both for and against. The rest of us are lurkers or post when we feel like it and when we have time. I'm in the "when I feel like it" group.

4- It is human nature, I think, to find fault and express that more readily, than to approve and express that. Maybe I'm jaundiced, but that's how I see it. Perhaps in other countries and cultures it is not that way. I've always lived in the USA, so my perspective is very biased.

Do I think PBO is perfect in every way ? No. Do I agree with 100% of his policies, both stated and acted upon ? No. Am I a very loyal Democrat since 1976 ? Yes. Do I think PBO is doing the best he can, under extremely difficult circumstances ? Yes. Do I think he is a fundamentally decent, kind and intelligent man ? Yes I do.

I'm part of what (ugh) Nixon called, "Silent Majority". I'll speak up when I feel like it. I'm not a debater by heart and I get my feelings hurt too easily. I've seen posters tell people like me to leave this site. I won't. I love this place and the good-hearted people here are a treat.

Just remember, not everyone who posts is a) a Democrat in real life and b) well-intentioned.

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