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Sun Jun 9, 2013, 01:34 AM

the REAL Job creators

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When you are poor every dollar you get is spent,put back into the economy.
Every dollar not saved by an individual is a dollar taken and shoved into a corporate tax haven.

So,those of us on SSI, homeless or working poor,we spend every dollar we get to survive,because too few bucks a month leaves no money left to save,every dollar is spent,and that way public funds go into the 1% pockets,when we buy food it is from a corporate grocery store a private profit enterprise.When we need shoes it goes to a private company,or we buy goodwill and support another tax free control system another corporate haven the church.

Being poor means NO wealth is held in our hands. It is powerlessness in a society where money talks louder than a million human voices, it means every dollar is sent to some corporation be it a dollar store,wal mart or giant.That means a reduction in well paying jobs.In other words more working poor.

Thousands of jobs have vanished from Memphis since the economy collapsed in 2008. Yet, the city hasn't dried up.One reason: the annual injection of billions of poverty dollars.Home to half of the region's 200,000 low-income households, Memphis ranks regularly among the nation's poorest metropolitan areas, making it fodder for national misery indexes. But less understood, and less visible, is a robust industry that has quietly grown up around the city's legions of poor.

Poverty is an industry,it exists to keep people poor because it is the working poor,the poor,disabled,and old they spend all they have to survive and thus prop up the economy for the over-rich when the bubbles they've blown pop. We the poor are here to stop the economy from fully tanking,our spending every dollar we get means jobs.Not the best jobs not as many jobs ,but jobs will remain nonetheless.because the rich need people to cook thier meals for them, mow thier lawns,etc.and..
Someone has to stock the shelves,someone has to grow the off label green beans,
someone has to slaughter the cows and kill the chickens,someone has to pick up the trash,sew the shoes,work the Mc.Donalds window,or give it to goodwill so we survive.Because by the end of the month we will be broke with empty stomaches.
montsano will help us fill them.

Why? Because we are kept poor so we have to spend every dollar we get.This helps the wealthy exploit humanity.

Most of the old and disabled are already poor.The government for the rich make sure we have none-to-spare.They do the same with the working poor with health care costs and regressive taxes and oppressive stress laden jobs so the working poor resent the non-working poor.
Which in turn creates the legislation that creates laws specifically against the poor (like anti-sit,and loitering)and against the poor attempting to relieve the psychological torment of being poor (drug war)which also trap working poor people in for profit labor camp formerly know as jails.
When poverty takes over the working class,every dollar they get will be spent.
When poverty overtakes the middle class every dollar they get will be spent.

They too will be for all intents and purposes poor.

Meanwhile the 1% take more and more until we are all poor than the market will work like a predictable electric engine of wealth generation.And the wealthy can sit back and collect checks, from the magic money machine like they demonize the poor of doing.

Unlike the poor the wealthy will not spend every dollar they get.They will live like kings and become the true welfare queens they always were but love to claim the poor are doing like the true shameless hypocrites and moral degenerates that they are. protected by legions of loyal cops who love thier perks and hate the poor like they are conditioned by the rich to do.

But eventually, I fear we will be unable to do much about it,because we will lack capital to help ourselves let alone each other by then. There will be many things working against us.The Media will portray the poor as monsters, the mentally ill as sociopaths,the media will socially condition people to fear poverty and fear the mentally ill and hate thoue on disability on medicare etc. Monsanto will make sure we can't grow our own food,the 1% will make sure we must pay a large sum to landowners,The corporations and poverty bashers will continue to create crazy laws against the poor ,and the cops will have a blast bashing poor people getting 'free money' to do drugs..
and the resenting scared frustrated people having nothing to do and no future but think themselves deserving of better but knowing they won't get better will take it out on the weakest among us like they do already.

It will be harder and harder to escape poverty,than it already is.

Those unjust laws directed at the poor will make sure the poor go to jail because the over-rich want to use people for free labor..to manufacture stuff for even cheaper than chinese slaves do, because after jail we will have to pay the jail corporation what money we may have collected during the time the jail company fed us and housed us ,and whatever fines the court decided we have to pay.
The genetically modified food will make us sick weak afraid of our diminishing health

(The healthcare for profit system is there to help and extract your money) .

Since we will be made sick by GMO's we will be less likely to get involved in other people being abused by cops,or sick from disease or bad food)

and our lives will be made short so we are easy to manage by vicious cops if nobody cares )

And if that fails there are always technology of control,mind controlling drugs(big pharma profits)and psychiatric diagnosis.(then you will be abused by cops ,bigtime always assumed dangerous after that jail,and cost free labor)
Remember Hitler killed political dissidents,the disabled and mentally ill first.
After a few generations of this shit people will forget what it was to be free,free from abusers,healthy,to have psychological rest,healthy food ,security,privacy, human rights or real physical rest,have money to own anything,and will accept slave hood because it's the normal thing to do.
This is the world the 1% want to have.

A world of poor people spending every dollar they have, periodic slave labor and laws aimed at the poor ,laws against seeking relief from the stress of poverty,to put people in jail to be free labor to make the stuff the poor will spend their last dollar for,while the over rich sit back and collect their checks,the market tamed and predictable ,the 1% are the ultimate social parasite,wealthy beyond belief,the only true welfare queens that ever existed.

In other words, the shadow economy is not only immense, but it is intricately sewn into the mainstream economy. Like a parasite, it is attached to the body of its host and drains its financial lifeblood at a rate and scale that is large enough to perpetuate global inequality and poverty.

There could not be a clearer case of an industry designed to benefit through active and willful exploitation, and at the expense of the majority of the world’s people. An industry designed with rules that enrich some through the impoverishment of others: the Poverty Creation Industry.

I don't want the world the fucking1% want.Fuck all of them.
But what can we do to STOP them?

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Sun Jun 9, 2013, 03:00 AM

1. K&R

Thank you. This is sickening but important to hear.

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Response to undergroundpanther (Original post)

Sun Jun 9, 2013, 06:16 AM

2. Change will have to come from the most valued demographic: the young.

That's why I was so proud of the OWS protesters. That's why we should all support them & encourage them.

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