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Wed May 22, 2013, 05:40 AM

The problem with insurance (after a disaster)

Companies are not solvent enough to do "justice" to all who are affected. (not solvent enough when they have to protect shareholder's expected profits)

There are many people who do not even have insurance.

The ones who do, will often face months/years of fighting with their insurers to even get paid.

Areas that have a history of being routinely devastated face the issue of insurers totally pulling out of the area when it comes to writing policies, and many will end up being canceled.

When people have a loss, they expect to somehow be made whole again... It's just fair, isn't it? Fairness has NOTHING to do with anything when disaster recompense is concerned.

A mass settling of claims may temporarily boost construction/clean up jobs after the event, but once things have been "restored", things return to the way they were before, only with the people affected, being pushed back a few notches.

Even the lucky ones who suffered no death/injury to their family, and who have the new house, will undoubtedly be paying more for the foreseeable future, and may lose THAT home to the next "event"..

The recompense for lost wages/sales, and for pain & suffering are nowhere to be seen for most people.

The psychic wounds to the children may affect them for a lifetime.

Every locality is vulnerable to something, whether it's wildfires, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, blizzards, etc. There is no affordable way to insure against all of these (the one exception is perhaps the big farmers who have a sweet spot in the hearts of legislators).

What is really needed is a National NOT-FOR-PROFIT Catastrophe Insurance that EVERYONE pays into.

Oklahoma at least has a state income tax, but there are some states that brag about having no state income tax, and yet they are states that regularly experience ,major natural disasters.

A national catastrophe insurance plan would go a long way to getting those states to participate in their own welfare, and could result in less party v party bickering when it came time to pay out claims. Injured people should never be used as pawns for politicians to determine who is "worthy" and who is not.

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