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Thu Apr 18, 2013, 01:04 PM Apr 2013

Open letter to Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court

Open letter to the United States Congress, the United States Senate and the United States Supreme Court in regards to yesterday's Senate vote against expanding background checks for gun purchases.

You cannot justify this vote. There is no moral justification for it. You cannot defend the indefensible. It is clear now who you work for. It is clear that you do not work for the American People, none of you. Even when they are senselessly murdered in cold blood you will not defend them when a moneyed interest doesn't want to lose profits.

Tell me: What in God's name is worth more than money in this country?

Anything? I guess not.

You can stop with your little charade pretending like you represent justice or "we the people" or "life". You do not. You work for the very wealthy. You work for the military-industrial complex, big insurance, big tobacco, big pharma, big insurance, big gun manufacturers, the prison industrial complex, Wall St and big banks, big oil, etc. They moneyed and the corporate. No one else. No matter what.

You have turned our government into what is called "inverted totalitarianism". It's not a Democracy or a Republic or anything that can be called 'representative' government. It is a dictatorial regime with a government that is no more than a group of puppets controlled by big corporations and their lobbyists and their money. And you just proved it. AGAIN.

You can google that term "inverted totalitarianism". Everyone should become familiar with it. Because this is the form of government the United States has now.
You're not fooling anyone anymore in Washington, none of you - Democrat or Republican. So stop trying. We've seen who you're there for and we know it's not US (we the people), so just stop with the pretense. It's transparent and the pretense has become contrived and ridiculous-looking to both the American people and to the world.

Senator Harry Reid CAN and SHOULD fix the Senate rules so that majority votes get legislation PASSED. And so that a person wanting to filibuster must do that job and MUST be present and TALKING for the full duration of said filibuster.

That vote was as morally bankrupt as anything could be. But Senator Reid doesn't want to fix the Senate. Because Democratic Senators need something to hide behind as they do the exclusive bidding of gun manufacturers, NRA and other big corporate interests - instead of the people.

How convenient.

I want the lot of you to know that we all see right through your ruse. We know who you are up there for. And we know it's NOT US. There is no doubt about that anymore. There is only one word that can describe you now:


Good Day.

© 2013 Seven Bowie

LINK: http://www.sevenbowie.com/2013/04/open-letter-to-congress-the-senate-and-the-supreme-court/

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