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Wed Feb 20, 2013, 01:25 PM

There is No Such Thing as a Fair Draft Response

There is no such thing as a fair draft, never has been, never could be. It is not possible to make such a thing fair.
If you say "no exemptions no matter what" that is going to put a lot of people into harms way who are physically unable to fight.
Even then, there will be champagne units for the well-connected like Dubya.

There is no such thing as a "perfectly" fair draft. I am suggesting a lottery for all regardless of sex.

One important item would be to do away with military privatization and mercenaries too and enlistment as a path to citizenship.

Acceptance to the military academies should also be blind and on pure merit.

Legacies such as McCain should go away. Better then would it have been a smart and empathetic man such as Jim Morrison, son of Admiral "Gulf of Tokin" Morrison, I joke. There would be still COs and no one put in positions without the intelligence , physical ability, mentality, or will for the assignment, that would be inefficient. People would work in food services and the like rather than contractors. Champagne unit assignments would be criminal acts. The system would not be "perfect" because the ideal is not possible and humans are an inherently unfair and tribal species. But a system and checks and balances should be designed.

I was an active anti-war protester in SF/Berkeley

I can just imagine what sort of reception your pro-draft stance would have received there.

Then the suggestion would have gone over like a lead balloon and I would have kicked myself in the nuts if someone did not kick me first.

The Vietnam draft was blatantly unfair. I had a choice to register in Contra Costa county (east SF bay area) which was a good draft board for non-religious COs because I was going to high school there or 400 plus miles away in my rural and poverty-stricken home. Fortunately, the location of my high school both politicized and gave me more information. Friends that registered in my rural home had a much greater chance of being drafted or were given a choice of military or jail for minor infractions like under-aged alcohol or disturbance of peace. Where I would register was on an Indian Reservation and the kids were mostly Indians, timber workers, and the chronically poverty stricken. The discrimination between my home draft board vs the white middle and upper middle class registration in Martinez was blatant. I shouted this far and wide at the time.

I grew up in a culture where my Dad went to 8th grade, hunting was a way of life, and I never had a BB gun but was given a 22 rifle for my 10th birthday. Age 17, I had my last hunting license and last killed or shot a firearm (with one exception. I shot cones and twigs from the upper branches of trees for science research at one point 30 years ago). This was heretical. My Dad, an over aged WWII volunteer in January 1942 that spent 3 years in England, France, and Germany never really forgave me for this failure as his only son.

That was then and now is now. Now there is an economic draft. People are not 2 or 3 years and out. Many volunteer as there are no jobs and they get training and travel and can retire in 20 years with a pension, skill set, and favorable hiring and other priviledges. The military has become a good or only career choice. If the children of wealthy and professional class people - those financially secure -had their children at risk and no military privatization of functions. There would be a higher proportion of those drafted in support jobs and not in the line of fire. COs, like some in Vietnam, would have alternative service such as working in the National Forests or Parks and other public works.

Unfortunately, some have to serve in the military. In theory, the rich and secure would have much more personal risk to their families. We need to reduce the militarizism of the USA. I would expect far less veterans putting in 20 years and retirement and more three years and out. This assumes a smaller and less aggressive military as well. I may be wrong but we need something better than now. Kids get out of high school today and the military is their career choice because the military is the only way to get a secure job and education

and planned for a non-religious CO but was over 300 in Draft lottery.

Would a "fair" draft accomodate conscientious objectors?

See above.

A fair draft is the surest way to reduce wars and the size and cost of military.

A draft does not reduce wars, it provides a ready source of cannon fodder for any damn fool war the pols want to start.
The only way it reduces the cost is if you pay the draftees next to nothing. That would cause economic hardship on their families.
It pushes training costs up through the roof, and of course all of those veterans are entitled to benefits.

A "fair" draft can be a pressure to reduce wars and make more people look at our bullying and violent foreign policies. In theory, again this may be wrong, there would be far fewer victims of an economic draft and fewer veterans putting in 20 years for retirement and a greater percentage of 3 and out.

Less people should look to the military as a way to get ahead or make a career.

Then we certainly should not force people into the military.

I can see military or alternative service for the unfortunate luck of the draw or those that truly want the experience. One would naive to think we do not need a military. My rough proposal would do away with the often dishonest recruitment process we have now as well as the economic draft. Again, individuals would not be put in positions without the physical ability, intelligence, mentality, or will for there jobs and would have the option of alternative service.

Military and war is the most useless and inefficient use of humanity and the natural world.

On that we agree.

Yea! We agree. IMHO the USA needs to be a far less militarized society. I believe now that a more fair but still imperfect lottery system with alternative service option would be a pressure to reduce the size and cost of military and cause the secure and decision-making individuals to have more thought against violence as foreign policy. If the USA was actually under attack, I think there probably would be plenty of volunteers eager to protect their familes and lives. Like my Dad in WWII. I likely would have thought much different during Vietnam if the USA was under invasion.

Good day to you.

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