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Tue Feb 19, 2013, 10:33 AM


This nice Lady Barbara Judge, a former SEC lawyer and now UK regulator extraordinaire, wants to keep the world safe for nuclear power.

The mood at Fukushima Daiichi is "fantastic."

Lady Barbara Judge: Japan's smart nuclear weapon

The head of the UK's Pension Protection Fund has been drafted in to help assure the residents of Fukushima that its reactors are safe

The Independent (UK) SUNDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2013

Lady Barbara Judge is just back from inspecting the nuclear plants at Fukushima in Japan, the ones closed down after the devastating earthquake and tsunami two years ago. She visited the control rooms at Daiichi – plant one – where three of the reactors went into meltdown and met many of the men who risked their lives by working during the emergency to cool the over-heated reactors and eventually shut them down.

It's not what she expected but the mood there was " fantastic". "What was astonishing was the optimism and hope shown by the workers that these plants can be made safe, and that they can start operating again," she says. But this was in stark contrast to the mood of the Japanese public, still in a state of shock and strongly opposed to the restoration of the nuclear programme.

Already being hailed as Japan's nuclear saviour, Lady Judge was in Fukushima with the bosses of the plants' owner, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), which was criticised for its bungled reaction to the catastrophe. It's her first trip since being appointed deputy chairman of Tepco's new Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee, set up after the disaster to propose a new self-regulatory structure for the industry. If all goes well, Tepco hopes to persuade the new government – said to be more favourable than the last – to restart two of the plants later this year.


It's her long experience of Britain's nuclear industry that attracted the Japanese, who rarely bring in outsiders, let alone a woman. Lady Judge's credentials go back to 2002 when she became a director of the UK's Atomic Energy Authority, and was then chairman for six years until 2010. She is still closely involved with the industry so, a few days after returning from Fukushima, was able to take Tepco executives to the West Midlands' Oldbury site to show how it has been decommissioned using the strictest safety protocols.


Yet there's one group of people who stay stubbornly anti-nuclear – women, especially the more educated ones. Wherever you are in the world, she says, all the focus groups show that it's better-off women who don't trust fission.



It seems that government service in the United States can open doors to [s]money[/s] opportunity in the United Kingdom. From the comment section at e-news we learn:

February 17, 2013 at 10:29 am

Tokyo Rose I have named her, just like the second world war the propaganda machine is on full spin cycle and we all know the false lies that they promote and brainwashing of populace.


Time Is Short
February 18, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Here's a big reason she was brought in:

'Radioactive Asia: There Will Be 100 Additional Nuclear Reactors in Asia in 20 Years'


If she's working for those that control the majority of the uranium mining/processing, you can see the money involved.

Can't let the murder of 8 billion people get in the way of third-quarter profits, can we?


February 16, 2013 at 9:20 pm

Her track record has not always been so cheery:

April 23, 2010

"WASHINGTON—Massey Energy Co., owner of a coal mine where 29 workers were killed this month, on Monday said that the board member responsible for governance had resigned because of the demands of "other ongoing business activities."

Lady Barbara Thomas Judge's resignation, effective immediately, comes amid growing criticism of the management of the Richmond, Virginia, company. For months, shareholders had complained that Lady Judge was unable to devote enough time to the job because she served on too many corporate boards. The complaints about Massey's corporate governance intensified after a coal-mine explosion two weeks ago that was the deadliest in 40 years."


Another article in 2007:

"But questions remain. Why does Lady Judge need so many jobs? How did she land her role at the UK Atomic Energy Authority, when she had no relevant experience? Is it relevant that a female friend was on the selection panel?
Lady Judge bristles. She points out that, as a lawyer, it is her job to master a subject about which she is initially ignorant. To prepare for her role at the Atomic Energy Authority, she even studied her son's physics books. She also has a strategic business role, which she is well equipped to carry out.'


The monied class have zero compunction about irradiating the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere or any which way they slice up their planet and protect their loot with the nukes We the People have so kindly paid for.

It's getting apparent that us renters are SOL.

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Response to Octafish (Original post)

Tue Feb 19, 2013, 03:18 PM

1. Lady Barbara Judge: 'educated women do share (my) enthusiasm for restarting Fukushima nuclear plant'

Educated women do not share Lady Barbara Judge’s enthusiasm for restarting Fukushima nuclear plant

this was in stark contrast to the mood of the Japanese public, still in a state of shock and strongly opposed to the restoration of the nuclear programme.

In addition to discussing clothing choices, the article notes, [font color="blue"]“There’s one group of people who stay stubbornly anti-nuclear – women, especially the more educated ones. Wherever you are in the world, she says, all the focus groups show that it’s better-off women who don’t trust fission.”[/font color]



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Response to Octafish (Reply #1)

Wed Feb 20, 2013, 10:00 AM

3. I have an urge to slap that woman. Arrogant ass. nt

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Response to Mnemosyne (Reply #3)

Wed Feb 20, 2013, 12:06 PM

4. She reps Money plus Power in the USA and the UK

From 2007:

Is this the best connected woman in Britain?

Daily Mail (UK)
Last updated at 09:55 04 May 2007

At the heart of the British Establishment resides a wraithlike American blonde called Barbara Thomas Judge. Lady Judge, a lawyer, has more jobs than seems possible. Name a board and she is on it; find a charity and she will be associated with it.

She is the chairman of both the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and of the School of Oriental And African Studies. She serves as deputy chairman of the huge financial services group Friends Provident and of the corporate governance watchdog the Financial Reporting Council. Plus, she has ten directorships and many more 'affiliations' - some in Hong Kong and America.

Inevitably, her achievement in taking on so many roles has brought controversy in its wake: how does she get all these posts, does she deserve them - and can she possibly be doing so many jobs well?

Are they, in essence, jobs for the girls - a triumph of ruthless networking and lobbying?

Only last week, it was reported - erroneously as it turned out - that the Atomic Energy Authority was to be investigated by the National Audit Office. The barely veiled suggestion was that Lady Judge's role (two days a week, at £60,000 a year) would be called into question because of all the other demands on her valuable time.

It is not hard to find people who will describe her and her second husband - the Tory fundraiser Sir Paul Judge - as ferocious networkers. The couple own a fabulous flat overlooking the River Thames in Westminster, said to rival that of Jeffrey Archer, which comfortably holds 300 for parties. Lady Judge, aged 60, also holds lavish balls for the Royal Academy Of Arts, of which she is - of course - a trustee.



I'm so old, I remember when government protected us from the predations of big money. Now big money is the government.

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Response to Octafish (Reply #4)

Wed Feb 20, 2013, 01:39 PM

5. Sad state, isn't it? Remember when they went after Gates for a monopoly?

Now most all the corps are monopolies and gov doesn't blink.

'Lady' Judge obviously has a highly inflated sense of her own importance/intellect. Her comments after her visit to Dachii plant are horrendously insane! She added: “I was amazed at how much work had been done to clear up the site and the high aspiration to make the site the safest in the world.” [...] See: http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/05/business/lady-judge-fukushima-japan-nuclear/

This woman is nothing more than a sell-out. She should be forced to move to Japan to prove her safest site bullshit and live near Fukushima, bet she'd change her lying tune very quickly. Despicable woman.

I am so very tired of all of us being at their mercy for survival.

How can we fix this? Can it be fixed? I'm to the point where I believe that revolution seems our only chance, but the people are so sick, brain-washed and beaten down, few seem to have the energy, or the inclination to make an effort.

It is truly frightening to imagine exactly how bad it will need to become to get everyone off their butts. Some days I just give up, then get up and start again the next day. Are we all insane for repeating our efforts with little to no results?

I keep trying to have hope for humanity, but it is getting extremely hard to have faith in it. It's hard to enjoy life much knowing how many suffer. Some days I really wish I could just not give a damn anymore, but know that is not my nature. I once told a friend I decided I'd just be a nasty bitch, he laughed hysterically.

I can never give up, though it seems so futile at times and I bet you feel about the same.

We shall overcome, some day!

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Response to Octafish (Original post)

Wed Feb 20, 2013, 09:55 AM

2. These people are so completely filled with greed that they ignore science and reality. I follow

a blog, Fukushima Diary. LoriK is trying to let the world know the truth about the contamination in and from Japan.


If you have any similar links would love to check them out.

So many love their blissfull ignorance, too bad it may kill us all in the end.

Mad world, Octafish, mad, mad world.

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