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Mon Feb 18, 2013, 03:13 PM

History Rhymes...

Madhound posted this very good piece regarding who believed and didn't believe the lies told to us regarding the Iraq war...


And Madhound asks the million dollar question with the title, "Why this sudden push to rewrite history about the Iraq war?"

With a GOP bereft of new ideas, concepts or direction, they have to reshape their past and mold it into something useful for their future if they think they are going to survive.

All sorts of talking heads from the right wing are starting to dip their toe into an image overhaul. While the right wing is famous for using blunt force in their wars, they are long term planners when wanting that war.

We are seeing the first testings of the water for their future mission. What is that mission? Take your pick of countries. The obvious would be Iran, but there is a long list of nations that have natural resources that they the republicans wish to exploit for their own monetary gains at the expense of "collateral damage" aka 3rd world people.

If anyone is paying attention to the Hegal hearings, you will see McCain going out of his way to try and pin down Hegal for a yes or no response regarding the surge and it's usefulness. This line of questioning isn't about the surge, it's about rewriting history, the over arching perception of the Iraqi war and McCain's roll in that decision to invade. Think of it as his legacy and suddenly things get weirder.

Unless there is another 9/11 type incident (heaven help us) for the right wing to exploit, they will have to use the tactic of trying to change the publics perception.

If 5 to 10 years from now, we are presented with another situation that resembles Iraq, take a step back and count the sometimes immeasurable gains and chess like movements by the right wing. Sometimes the most innocuous move is something that is planned with it's effect only be felt years later. The minutia of this could get so obtuse as reading tea leaves. And that is what the right wing depends on, the seemingly boring is actually the devil in the detail.

I'm reminded of two things george w. bush* said regarding "money trumping peace" and "catapulting the propaganda". When you combine those two statements you reveal a terrifying scenario, one which we experienced in their rush to the Iraqi war.

However, it appears as opportunity for such a rush is not at hand, so they begin the slow creep. Which to me, is far worse. The GOP's job is to change the publics perception and depend on poor memories by the lazy masses to convince them that whatever lies in our future is a gigantic security threat to the nation.

We here at DU can state that we will remember, but we are a small minority. We paid attention, we posted links, we tried to spread the word, but alas, we still got "shock and awe" at the hand of those in power. We were looked upon a kooks and conspiracy nuts when we protested and demanded proof of WMD's or evidence of Al Qeada in Iraq. We were laughed at as being "unAmerican".

Here we are, the very slow, almost imperceptible creep toward that same right wing goal yet again. It's like looking at a clock without a second hand, it doesn't seem to move, but look away then back and lo and behold the minute hand moved.

And before you know it, we will find ourselves in that same fix again and wonder, "how did we get here?"

Here is now.

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