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Thu Dec 8, 2011, 12:44 AM

Imagine a brokered republican convention

I can see Newtie racking up delegates in the south & the hyper-teabag people primaries.

Primary voters tend to be zealots.
Republicans loathe Romney
Even though they may not love Newt, they may turn out just to vote against Romney.

Romney has money, and this is his last-hurrah

He can probably win the more "sane" primaries, but between Ron Paul & Newt, there may be no clear winner..or a winner that could be palatable for a chance to unseat that "black-man-in their-white-house".

I can almost hear the scheming now.

I could see Jebbie stepping up with a promise to be a one-term president to "save America".

Why would he want to be a one-termer?

Here's why.

Bushies have always had a "dynasty" fantasy. [link:journals.democraticunderground.com/SoCalDem/183|The Litter Box Dynasty]

Poppy & Babs are still living, (but getting frailer by the minute). The Bush family would love to impact history by being the ONLY family in history to have a First lady who was also mother of TWO presidents/Father who was president & who had two sons follow him IN HIS LIFETIME.

I can see Jebbie coming in to "save the party" with Chris Christie as his running mate. Those two, as onerous as WE know them to be, would blow Romney/Newt/anyone else out of the water.

He could "do his one-term thing", and then Christie could run (and possibly win 2 terms with Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio as veep).

Republicans are bold, and as aggressive as a cornered, wounded animal, and they take big risks.

A one-term Jeb president could act with impunity, and would be aided by all those republican governors, the stacked SCOTUS and the republican house. We sometimes think of him as "the smart one", but he's still a Bush, and the same "handlers" would be on-deck to "help" him..

Scheming, die-hard Republicans could see this as a way to dominate for 20 years

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Thu Dec 8, 2011, 12:56 AM

1. I don't see a Bush ever being elected for anything ever again

Last edited Tue Oct 28, 2014, 07:51 PM - Edit history (1)

The Chimp did too much damage as president.

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Response to XemaSab (Reply #1)

Thu Dec 8, 2011, 01:13 AM

3. I'd love for you to be right.

I don't see Jeb swooping in this time, but I'm not at all convinced, given time, that the repugs won't be successful at "rehabilitating" the Bush name. Americans have short memories.

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Thu Dec 8, 2011, 01:04 AM

2. If you got 20 years of republican rule you could

kiss this country goodbye
You would have at least a minor theocracy
So much debt
Wars coming out of your a$$
A third world country owned by China and India

Your children and grandchildren would not have a future

But your premise seems sound ........ we can only wait and see

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Thu Dec 8, 2011, 01:23 AM

4. another Bush would be

disastrous. I hope it never happens.

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Response to ohheckyeah (Reply #4)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 01:43 PM

5. It could easily happen..Look at GW's "poll numbers"

He left in virtual disgrace..and our effervescent media tells us recently that people "love the guy".

Before they are done spinning the story, history books will probably record the "facts" that show our first black president presided over the worst economy in our recent history...and it was due to HIS policies.

Another Bush is very possible

Voters are not as smart as they need to be...

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Response to SoCalDem (Reply #5)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 01:51 PM

7. Yep, the Bush record has almost be completely cleansed by RW media..

and in some ways aided by the aniti-Obama left. RW media can make their argument stick when voters see those in his own party blaming him for this mess.. so clearly its his fault not Bush's.

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Response to DCBob (Reply #7)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 02:34 PM

9. Putting the "nasty" in Dynasty

SoCalDem Donating Member Sat Feb-07-04 09:29 PM
Original message

The Litter Box Dynasty

Stories are all over the media about the Bush Dynasty.. No doubt they are craftily placed there by Carl Rove or some other Bush flunkie, so that they can be oh so modestly discounted by the Bush family itself..

The “Camelot Mystique” of the JFK presidency was America’s longing for what could never be..

Dynasties by their very nature span generations , and feature familial consistency.. The Kennedy family is attractive, outgoing, and civic minded ..They have always been this way.. The fact that so many of them have met a tragic end, and at a young age only serves to give them mythic proportions..

No one will ever know how the Camelot myth would have turned out if JFK had not been assassinated.. Maybe he would have stumbled and the Viet Nam war could have ruined HIS presidency..

Maybe not.. What the people saw was a vigorous, outgoing, intelligent man in his prime, with a drop-dead gorgeous young wife.. They had everything.. Fame , fortune, good looks, breeding, culture, darling toddlers and a whole lifetime ahead of them.

John F. Kennedy came from a family that valued service to country.. Joe Kennedy was a scoundrel ,and made his fortune from “ rum-running” during prohibition , but the average people probably did not begrudge him his fortune.. They were able to “party on” because of him.. When WWII came along, HIS children served and died during their service.. He could have made one phone call and they could have played polo during WWII..

Even though GHW Bush has been declared a “war hero” for having his plane shot down, his war service pales by comparison. When Kennedy had his “wartime crisis”, he SAVED his shipmates, even though he was injured…. Bush bailed out, and left his crew to perish..

Republicans have never had what it takes in the Dynasty Department.. The republican presidents in the modern era have all lacked the charisma to even capture the imagination of the public..

Lets examine them:

Eisenhower, while a great wartime general, was a rather bland public figure.. He was elderly and ill when he became president and his son was middle aged by the time he entered the White House.. The country had no dynastic expectations of him.. We needed a “Grandpa” to make the bad dreams of WWII go away..

Nixon, was an aloof , paranoid, control freak.. His wife, Pat, was a quiet person by nature and never meshed with the public. Nixon went out of his way to nurture the image that they were “plain folks”, “cloth coat” folks... Dynasties do not spring from “plain folk”.. Larger-than-life, exciting, interesting people form the nucleus of dynasties..

The Nixon daughters, were ordinary girls, in a chaotic time. Though they may have secretly empathized with their peers, they could only toe the line that their father drew for them. They never really “caught on” with the public.. Of course, the female children of a leader are usually not held in as high regard as male heirs, so that may have had something to do with it..

Reagan was the ultimate “central casting” coup . He was an actor, first and foremost , and played the role of a lifetime. He was personable and friendly, but Mrs. Reagan, though loved by her intimate friends, was not a warm person. She personified the image of the person behind the person.. Though she wielded no actual power, it was obvious that Ronnie did her bidding.. Their children were nothing special , and the obvious disdain of the children left a lot of doubt as to the parenting skills of Ronnie & Mommie.. It was apparent that none of the Reagan children were capable of “picking up the torch” from their father...No Dynasty there...

Now we arrive at the “Bush Dynasty”.. At least part of the word suits them...the “nasty” part, that is..

George HW Bush entered the White House with a sense of entitlement, but lacked the charisma to make his “subjects” love him. His wife did not help him in that department either. Barbara may have looked like the sweet grandmotherly type, but it was obvious immediately, that she was a stern, humorless harridan .. There was always an unkind word to be said, when silence from her would have sufficed. The Bush children were grown and could not help soften the image of either.. Even when GHWB tried to use this grandchildren, he could not restrain himself from calling attention to the “little brown ones”.. His children USED his influence obtain wealth, at the expense of the public..

George W Bush blew into the White House like the F5 Texas Tornado that he is.. Spreading damage and destruction all around him. He came armed with a mousy compliant wife and family values to spare. The problem he had from day one, was that over half of the country did not believe he won fair & square.. Even in their dark little hearts, there have to be some republicans who know the truth, but refuse to admit it.. The Bush daughters show little evidence that they will mature into anything other than what they are now.... Spoiled, privileged children usually grow into spoiled privileged adults.. But, they are not a factor in the Dynasty .Dynasties favor male children..

The Bush lineage, is nothing to be proud of. The Walkers and the Bushes do go way back, but instead of rum-running, their background is rife with stock fraud, insider trading, and even doing business with the Nazis during WWII.. When it came time for his sons to serve in THEIR war, he “bought” them a pass.. Where Joe Kennedy sent his sons to die and be injured, the Bush heirs would have none of it..

In fact MOST of the Bush lineage that the public hears about is “manufactured”, and re created for modern consumption.. The real turdlets of truth behind the dynasty they have created are still buried in the Bush Family Litter Box .. They have spent a lifetime covering up the vile stuff that each new Bush “deposits” .. They have delusions of grandeur, that Jeb will follow George W, and then after Jeb, will come “one of the little brown ones”, George P.Bush..

Only time will tell, and hopefully someday someone will have the courage to empty that Litter Box..

recipe for kitty litter cake :

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 01:50 PM

6. Except he wouldn't honor his "one term" promise

He'd find a reason to hang on for another four years, and then usher in Christie, or an onerous as-yet-unknown woman or minority candidate.

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Response to lapislzi (Reply #6)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 02:23 PM

8. I agree..//but he would RUN as a one-termer and operate as if he planned to stay one term

Republicans bluff and hold their cards close to the vest.

Our side is famous for taking their cards all face-up

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 02:45 PM

10. Hi There SoCal, lemme chime in if I may.....

It is a Mystery to me as to how the GOPers can elect anyone given their Dismal Track Record as a Group.

I see a reverse of Group Negativity to that of a Society slowly embracing the concept of

Positivity and Kindness....such as Obama seems to lean toward as of late....

Is it a Paradigm shift? too early to tell I guess....but then

another Factor is the 99ers and their complaints.....most of them will be voting BLUE...I hope, LOL.

Brokering a GOP Convention will most likely see Noot pushed aside for a new dark horse dude/dudette....

He too heavy with baggage n crappy notions of kids cleaning toilets at schools.

Forget Bachmann, Palin, Cain, etc

Huntsman has an outside op but too much GOPer Probs

Jeb? I think not....

so now what????

More than likely.....if no one surfaces....it be Noot or the Mitt...as a "Throw away" candidate,

either one with only tiny odds of winning.

But you can bet they are peeps looking for the Shiny Warrior on a White Horse wearing an R on their sleeve..

I got news....Nada...due to inadequate civics training...they all want it for CHEAP....;screw studies...thats for guys like Obama....

Have a Happy Day Ole Timer.....hows the Cats?

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Response to opihimoimoi (Reply #10)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 02:51 PM

11. Kitties are snoozing away.,.(conserving their energy)

We have the world's laziest kitties

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Response to SoCalDem (Reply #11)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 03:13 PM

13. LOL....lucky you...we lost our cat last year and still miss him....sniff....

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Response to SoCalDem (Original post)

Mon Dec 12, 2011, 03:02 PM

12. I don't see a brokered convention

for the GOP, that would be a practical admission that there is civil war breaking out in the ranks. Their base is
the south & the hyper-teabag people,if they ignore their votes for Newt, they might as well admit they've been playing those people for the past 40 years. They won't allow that curtain to be lifted, they would rather lose the election.

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