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Sun Feb 10, 2013, 01:23 PM

"Suicide Conservatives"

We're seeing a lot of stories like this one these days, predicting the imminent fracking and subsequent demise of the Republican Party:


Suicide Conservatives

Charles Blow

There used to be a political truism: Democrats fall in love, while Republicans fall in line.

That's no longer true. Not in this moment. Democrats have learned to fall in love and fall in line. Republicans are just falling apart.

Last week, the opening salvos were launched in a very public and very nasty civil war between establishment Republicans and Tea Party supporters when it was reported that Karl Rove was backing a new group, the Conservative Victory Project, to counter the Tea Party's selection of loopy congressional candidates who lose in general elections.

The Tea Party was having none of it. It sees Rove's group as a brazen attack on the Tea Party movement, which it is. Rove sees winning as a practical matter. The Tea Party counts victory in layers of philosophical purity.

I think there's a certain amount of truth to this view, but I also think there are things we can do to help those fractures along. One strategy might be for us to pick races where Teabaggers could be convinced to run third-party races after losing General elections.

One thing you may be sure of is that all Teabag politicians are eminently bribeable. Maybe that notorious source of all leftist funding, George Soros, could be convinced to put some money into those third-party candidates, just like the Republicans did with the Greens.

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