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Fri Feb 8, 2013, 08:08 AM

Hating Karl Rove: Not Just For Liberals Anymore


The Tea Party Express, a political action committee famous for its traveling shows of right-wing agitators and entertainers, is warning its members of a terrifying new threat -- no, not Obamacare, or black helicopters, or gun-seizures. Itís something far more frightening: ďWe are under attack by Karl Rove,Ē reads the subject line of a fundraising e-mail from Tea Party Express.

Thatís right: The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is lumbering through the streets of the Real America, terrorizing the denizens of Tea-Partyville.

At issue is a new political action committee formed by Rove and his associates at American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, the superPAC and related group that were supposed have been the unstoppable, big-money juggernaut that would win Mitt Romney the presidency.

Having failed that, as well as having backed a bunch of losers in 2012 elections for U.S. Senate seats, Rove, for his donorsí edification, is casting a shiny object onto Tea Party turf, blaming the GOPís failure to win more Senate races on the movement spawned by the same kind of Machiavellian resentment politics he has long stoked. So, Rove and his Crossroads colleagues have created a new repository for all those fat-cat dollars: the Conservative Victory Project.

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