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Wed Jan 30, 2013, 03:45 AM


Gov. Haslam (TN) wants school vouchers

We're learning more about Governor Bill Haslam's plan to bring school vouchers to the state, including how it could impact East Tennessee.

Voucher programs allow students access to public funds to attend private schools. Governor Haslam mentioned the plan during Monday's State of the State address, and a bill was filed Tuesday.

The vouchers would be available to 5,000 students next school year, but that number would gradually rise to 20,000.

"Ultimately we're concerned about students, not systems. but we took that into play and that's why we said 'let's grow into this and see what happens.' And if it works and students get a better experience and districts overall improve, then I think we could grow it from there," Haslam said.


So students can go to schools like this piece of crap, the oldest charter school in TN, ten years of fail & they won't shut it down:

When the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering (MASE) opened 10 years ago, it was supposed to herald a new day of great achievement in Memphis schools. Now ten years and millions of wasted dollars later, what was to be the solution to low test scores has now achieved its way to the bottom of the barrel in test score accountability.

(Graphic shows scores for the school: "D" or "F" in every subject for the last 3 years v. "B" for schools in the state as a whole)

Now here's the moronic...the following thought disorder from Steve Bares, MASE's Chairman of the Board, who is also a fixture among the power elite of the local Chamber of Commerce:

“Any decision to close MASE has to take the students in mind. … Eighty percent of those middle school students that would now have to go find a school would go back to their zoned school and would be lower-performing schools than MASE,” said Steve Bares, chairman of the school’s board of directors. “One of the first rules is do no harm. We don’t believe that is logical in any way.”

Really? Can any of the public schools that are being shut down to benefit the corporate elite of Memphis be worse than straight Fs???

The question now for Shelby County Board members: Do they care about low performing schools if they are being run by their cronies, or is their concern for the children expressed only when low test scores occur in schools with teachers who don't treat kids like prisoners? We will know the answer later today. Stay tuned.


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