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Sat Jan 26, 2013, 08:19 PM

the real reason that both filibuster reform and the electoral college schemes have gone nowhere

Politicians are humans like any other human, and they like power, probably more than many other humans. In the case of filibuster reform, there were several senators, many of them quite progressive, who in the end refused to give up the power that the current rules give them. It has some to do with a fear of being in the minority again, but it largely has to do with the fact that one Senator under the current system can pretty much block the appointment of anyone within their state or their committee's purview. They like that power. They like it more than the quite frankly marginal more ability they would have to get stuff done given the House.

In the case of the electoral college schemes, many governors, lt. governors, and even state rep and state senators feel they could and should be destined for national office or statewide office in the case of the state reps and senators. They don't want to make that less likely. Gov. Kasich knows that if he changes the way Ohio's EV are distributed, he won't be on anyone's short list for VP since he won't be able to bring anyone any EV. Gov. McDonnell also knows that if he changes the way Virginia does their EV, he will become worthless as a VP for the same reason. In Florida, and to a lesser extent Ohio and PA, you also have some powerful interests who don't want to see change. Cuban Americans have a stranglehold on foreign policy in regards to Cuba because they have a large say as to who wins Florida's 29 electoral votes. But if Florida changes its rules, they end up in charge of 2 EV. Coal miners in Ohio and PA are in the same spot. They are concentrated in one Ohio and two PA districts but currently help decide on the allocation of 38 EV, rules change that becomes 3. It is very hard to get people in power to give up power voluntarily. That is why the EV scheme has all but died out (I do worry about MI in this regard) and the filibuster reform fizzled.

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