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Thu Jan 17, 2013, 04:33 AM


Garfield teachers boycotting MAP testing: testing contract awarded corruptly, by Broad Academy plant

Garfield High School teachers in Seattle have made a collective New Year's resolution to "scrap the MAP" -- and support for their cause is growing. The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) is a test implemented throughout the Seattle Public School District (SPSD) for three years. It is supposed to chart student academic growth in math and language arts. (Substance editor's note: The MAP is also being used in Chicago and across the nation, with no compilation of the total cost of the MAP to school districts, large and small...)

Teachers at Garfield High School in Seattle held a press conference to explain why they are refusing to administer the MAP tests. Former superintendent Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson signed the $4 million contract for the test with the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) in 2009 while she also sat on the association's board of directors. This was undisclosed at the time, something which state auditors previously said was an ethics violation. The initial MAP test was purchased in a no-bid, non-competitive process.

The test has fallen under widespread and persistent criticism by teachers across the district who say the MAP isn't aligned with state standards they are expected to teach to. The MAP test also doesn't affect student grades or chances of graduation, which means students don't take the test seriously. This is particularly irksome to teachers because the MAP is used to calculate "student growth"--as a part of evaluating the effectiveness of the teachers who give the test.


Note: Maria Goodloe-Johnson, Broad Academy Superintendant Class of 2003:


Broad Academy is funded by billionaire Eli Broad; its mission is to train education deform-minded school administrators & place them in positions of power in order to push districts toward policies favored by education deformers. They're a corrupt, incompetent bunch of hacks, & the corruption demonstrated in the MAP testing contract is just one small piece of that picture.

What you can do

Sign an online petition (4) in support of Seattle teachers who are refusing to administer the MAP test.

Visit the "Solidarity with Garfield High School testing boycott" (5) Facebook page for news and information about the campaign.

(4) https://www.change.org/petitions/seattle-public-schools-support-garfield-high-school-teachers-refusing-to-administer-the-map?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=url_share&utm_campaign=url_share_before_sign

(5) https://www.facebook.com/SolidarityWithGarfieldHighSchoolTestingBoycott

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