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Wed Jan 16, 2013, 08:30 PM


Wall Street bankster elites hype gun control because

1. They know the debate takes the heat off of their greedy ass, and their 4 year long get put of jail free pass, and protects TBTF banks.

2. It deflects from important issues that might reduce their profits or ability to control Congress such as limits on anonymous campaign donations from billionaires.

3. It limits the probability that climate change will ever be addressed in our lifetime and thus any impact to their profit statement.

4. If or when the overinflated US dollar crashes and society decides to blame them, there will be no firearms in the hands of the lowly sweaty average riff-raft to defend themselves, as only the elite will have arms.

5. If they finally succeed, privatize and take our Social Security and pensions, the huddled masses can go to the local Starbucks and complain, instead of becoming a threat to their Hamptons beachfront security.

Americans need to grasp reality: Wall Street owns Congress, and they make the laws and decide what is Constitutional, and that's why towns like Scranton PA have nothing while these greedy bastards have it all, and they blame it all on Unions and Muslims.

Worth a read. http://thewalrus.ca/a-metaphor-for-america/

Progressive, Populist, Libertarian. Cronyism and corruption is the problem and it needs to be purged. I salute OWS.

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