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Wed Jan 16, 2013, 05:32 PM

Yesterday the local radio bozo compared the President to Saddam - an e-mail installment

He and his young o.j.t. wingnut were gearing up for today to barf about *whatEVER* the gun safety proposals were going to be today. Get it -- they had NO, ZERO information about what the things would be but were already barfing, their main beef was railing against how the President would be making his announcement with a group of children on the stage. The Kid was crapping out to the effect that the President "should be a MAN, should stand up there BY HIMSELF and not use the cheap trick of using kids as props," mentioning that LIMBOsevic had said the kids were being used as "human shields." The Head Wingnut, my e-mail villain, said he was reminded of Saddam's having a young, blond American kid at a showcase propaganda event, when Saddam treated the kid as a petting zoo animal. He immediately followed this up by saying he was not (really) comparing the President to Saddam, just pointing out the propaganda stagecraft.

This led me to e-mail this:

Is that ALL you two bozos got?!

Haven’t monitored you and most other wingnuts much since the election. So today the two of you are dripping venom because OBAMA is going to have kids on the stage when he announces the gun safety.

Really! Because NO other politician has ever staged events with different groups in the background. Oh, no, it wasn’t RAYGUN (DEAVER, the “brains”) who flooded all the stages with ‘murican FLAGS?!

And you, bringing up Saddam petting the little blond boy, but oh-noes, you weren’t COMPARING OBAMA to Saddam, of course not!

The good news is that the two of you have found each other, the rapport is just JUICY. It’s like when there was an Enquirer item about Wallis SIMPSON’s background in sexual proficiencies that she learned when one of her previous husbands was a diplomat in China, and that this was the backstory for the abdication. A goody-two-shoes who worked with us said of the gossip, “I’m glad they FOUND each other!”

*************So, Wingnut replied, THIS: *********

“Aieee, don't be a hater! I said what I think: that the President's use of the children is cynical and ugly. He is a demagogue better than George Wallace. How was your New Year's?"

**********END of Wingnut's reply**********

So today is not when I'm with the radio available, so I sent this:

The President's gun safety proposals

It’s not my day to monitor your radio (**** see below for new vocabulary), and all I’ve done is glance at the main points, but it all looks moderate, common sense, and mainstream. Judging from what I heard from you two bozos yesterday, you and your mouth breather callers will be frothing with venom and calling the President “Saddam.” I’ll wait to see your leftovers tomorrow/Thursday.

Now, for the new vocabulary, the way your wingnut Faux Propaganda Network pollster Frank LUNTZ issues focus-group-driven “positive” spin words to use for your wingnut locoweed intentions, here are some of my terms to use specifically for your cartel of wingnut nuts:

* “Radio shitefest” – referring to your radio show/carnival.

* “The Peeper” – referring to your protégé, given his penchant for “peeping” into grocery carts to see what Food Stamps customers are using their Food Stamps for.

* “John WAYNE WimpAss Chickenhawks” – all you wingnuts, full of TUFF TAWKIN’ bluster (think Shrub), named for DRAFT DODGER John WAYNE, who was booed by hospitalized military personnel when he toured their hospitals. Whiners, crybaby, TUFF TAWKERs.

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