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Fri Jan 4, 2013, 01:32 PM


rebels- refuse this tax bs

let me get this straight:

Government has been lying about this herb for 75 years or so, turning citizen upon citizen, gutting the bill of rights, destroying lives, killing pets, confiscating property and generally treating those who smoke flowertops because it makes them feel better than taking government approved Prozac or Zoloft or Luvox like terrorists.

And now those people are supposed to say ok, if you'll leave us alone we'll reward you lying filth with tax dollars? the same scum that patented the use of the main ingredient in marijuana while arresting dispensary owners and threatening the landlords with confiscation?

Hell no. Refuse this tax and regulate nonsense.

Maybe consider it after the government stops spending more than $2000 PER SECOND bombing people that weren't even alive when 911 happened.


Haven't people learned that giving liars and thieves more money rewards them instead of punishes them? What are these scum going to do with more tax dollars? Maybe start bombing Venezuela? If the crooks hadn't stolen the peoples wealth in the first place there wouldn't be any need for more taxes.

Shove the tax. Refuse the regulation of an herb. Try some freedom for a change.

PS: Don't believe the media BS- Washington didn't legalize cannabis, they decriminalized it. Why is the media lying to us?

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