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Sat Dec 29, 2012, 07:11 PM


If you're serious, then attack presidents and the O-10s they select and Congress that funds the

things you and I oppose?

Why do people allow those who want to divide and conquer once again We the People when it is not the "military" but Presidents and Congress who are the problem.

IMO as long as We the People allow ourselves to be divided and polarized over 5 or 6 political issues between major political parties and as in this thread within a major political party, the only real winners are the corporatists who finance enough candidates in both major parties to pass bills that advance us toward a corporate state.

If we allow thoughts like this threads OP to impede progress within the Democratic Party, then Lincoln's dream of a people's government will indeed perish and MLK's "I Have a Dream" will die aborning.

Our United States government is the world's oldest continuous government, Iceland is disputable, and the grandest experiment of all times to see if a disparate society representing all aspects of the world's peoples, can find enough common ground to govern itself.

If that experiment fails, and each of us is a player, then the world's governments are doomed to fail and only a despotic world government controlled by corporatists will survive.

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