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Sun Dec 23, 2012, 01:31 PM


pnwmom you conflate magazines with proposals to prevent another Sandy Hook Tragedy. Too many posts

have repeated as nauseam the simple fact that hundreds of millions of high capacity magazines are already available.

A ban on possessing them is not an effective option although it might make anti-gun types feel good.

The Sandy Hook LEO report has not been completed but it does appear Adam Lanza had some type of mental-health problem.

That seems to be a common thread with many who commit mass murder.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, cochairmen of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, along with 750 other Mayors want Obama to create a central data base that will include mental-health data on people.

We already have the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, and now the new health care record system that can easily share data.

All that's needed is to identify the Diagnosis Related Group codes that place a person at risk of becoming a mass murderer and add their name and appropriate data and create the central data base Bloomberg and his mayors want.

Even better, identify the prescription drugs that might trigger a mass murder episode and whenever a patient fills a prescription add that incident to the central data base. That would give our Attorney General all the data needed to monitor in real time people who science and health care professionals have profiled as mass murder risks.

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