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Fri Dec 21, 2012, 06:37 AM


Real Change and Gun Control is going to need a whole bunch more

dead white children before anything serious is even going to happen.

Guns should be the hardest thing to obtain in America but sadly they are not and I do not seeing it changing anytime soon. Too much money involved.

So everyone is going to hem and haw about guns for a while, Congress will passed some useless law(s) on gun control and everyone will act all happy till the next gun massacre happens and we will be back to square one.

Why, because we are a VIOLENT Country formed out of violence and as a nation we have been at war more then we have been at peace we condone violence. America has been at war for about 212 years out of its 236 year existence.

That is why America condones violence; it is ingrained in our culture and killing is considered acceptable by the Government.

Do I have a solution, nope not at all, nor do I think one will happen anytime soon. However 1 thing I know that needs to stop is the gun show loop holes and private gun sales. If one goes to a gun show, any gun show, and you have the knowledge you can buy the parts and instructions to turn your assault rifle into the full auto version. There is also an entire underground arms business just like there is for drugs, if you want weed you can find it just like guns, if you want one, plenty of people are willing to sell you one no questions asked.

We also allow war criminals to walk around free in the United States with the protection of the Federal Government which contributes to the culture, if Government Officials can kill for no reason without punishment or consequences, why canít I as an individual do the same thing?

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