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Thu Dec 20, 2012, 06:49 PM


Guns for Christmas? After all this? Really?

Yes really. No not me someone else thank goodness.

Had finished with my haircut yesterday. Elizabeth did a fine job. Wanted to get my head to look something like the old members of Lynyrd Skynyrd Band. She succeeded. Thank you Elizabeth! (plug: http://www.yelp.com/biz/elizabeths-styling-salon-pacifica)

So I leave the shop whilst my girlfriend continues chatting with Eliz. Part of my plan actually. For weeks I've been wanting to window shop at "City Arms" in the same shopping center. I'm not much of a gun enthusiast but the urge to browse hits me every several years. I go bowling & play golf more often and I rarely even do these. If Linda stays in the store she won't have to endure my very mild interest in the shop I'm going to. Like many she fears and hates guns. Don't blame her.

"All things well made and deadly"

was the quote about guns Edward Abbey once said I think. He too not a gun nut either:

"I quit hunting after the hunters started to outnumber the deer"

being yet another one of Ed's many famous remarks. I think Ed once split his speaking fee. 1/2 going to a gun control advocacy group. the other 1/2 going to the NRA. But back to my story:...

As I walked the short distance to the gun shop the slaughter of CT last week started to set in. Prior to this point my reaction had been odd. No reaction would be the best way to explain it. Not like my buddy Tony who cried ALL DAY after learning of the disaster. Grown man breaking down in tears over something 3000 miles away. Guess I must be numbed by the recent American history of gun nuts killing innocents. Maybe psychiatry has a name for this condition of largely no reaction. Could be specific to Americans only. Who knows?

For me last Friday was a bit like the time in late '63 that mom explained that grandma had died only not quite as bad. Even then at eight years of age I didn't exactly cry. Wanted to but couldn't.

"At least she didn't suffer" mom wept.

The only thing mom ever prayed for was that no family or friend member close to us would die a painful and lingering death. But in a cruel twist of fate mom would died just 18 years later of the worst suffering illness: Lou Gehrig's Disease. Unfair I say.

So anyway it takes this short visit to the gun store for the impact of last Fri to begin setting in. Why? Well for one reason the shop is packed! A medium sized, almost small joint and they're practically waiting in line outside.

Hey guys is this the way to celebrate CHRISTMAS?

I think but the words won't leave my mind. Sheesh...

Someone, probably a shop employee says something derogatory about Senator Diane Feinstein. My neck seizes up and a short surge of anger runs through my head but I resist the urge to engage in argument.

Business in City Arms is "good" because of last weeks atrocity. Everyone stocking up. That and it being the Christmas season. It's a sickening feeling and I can't take it and leave the store suddenly. Feeling like Jesus in the temple of the money changers.

"A den of thieves"

Except that if I use force to cast everyone out it no doubt would be met with much violence and a long jail sentence. I'm not God. That's for sure...

I'm not against gun ownership. In fact after the current gun buying hysteria blows over I may even go back and browse City Arms. But not for a while. It all has finally hit me. I don't feel good. Surely this will pass but is better to have some kind of reaction than none.

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