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Thu Dec 20, 2012, 02:29 AM


he's done plenty

Biden has sponsored more damaging drug war legislation than any Democrat in Congress. Hate the way federal prosecutors use RICO laws to take aim at drug offenders? Thank Biden. How about the abomination that is federal asset forfeiture laws? Thank Biden. Think federal prosecutors have too much power in drug cases? Thank Biden. Think the title of a “Drug Czar” is sanctimonious and silly? Thank Biden, who helped create the position (and still considers it an accomplishment worth boasting about).

Tired of the ridiculous steroids hearings in Congress? thank Biden, who led the effort to make steroids a Schedule 3 drug, and has been among the blowhardiest of the blowhards when it comes to sports and performance enhancing drugs. Biden voted in favor of using international development aid for drug control (think plan Columbia, plan Afghanistan, and other meddling anti-drug efforts that have only fostered loathing of America, backlash, and unintended consequences). Oh, and he was also the chief sponsor of 2004’s horrendous RAVE Act.


Joe Biden: Obama's Drug Warrior - Topix

Joe Biden in Mexico: Drugs won't be legal - Associated Press

Joe Biden Will Ensure Obama Administration's Tough Drug War Stance: Former White House Official

and on and on and on and on....

It's fascinating watching so called liberals demonize everything but pharma.

Michael Moore gets it!

5000 hits in 35 hours- better change the constitution soon! The truth is leaking out...

Good Luck!

PS: You didn't cheer for legal pot, did you? I thought not...lol

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