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Fri Dec 14, 2012, 08:15 PM Dec 2012

Food for thought about what we, as a society, can do about what has happened on this terrible day...

Someone asked, on another thread earlier today...

What good is all our Homeland Security when we allow things like this to happen[?]

We claim to be a Judeo-Christian nation. Why don't we have a culture that values patience and forgiveness?

Guns would not be an issue if we simply valued patience, developed it in ourselves and forgave ourselves and others more readily.

The anger that pervades our society is the result of impatience, meanness and the unwillingness to forgive. What is the solution for that? Certainly not more vindictive religious rhetoric. And increased law enforcement won't do it either. Overly dramatic TV shows make it worse. Any ideas, DUers?

And my response was:

[W]hen violence comes to a peak like this, all too frequently these days, we as a people and as individuals need to work with those around us to seek more peaceful endeavors. Convince each other that there is more to life than the latest violent game, TeeVee show, popular music, movie and try to wean each other off the blood-lust and adrenaline rush of anger and resulting angry reactions. Stop buying the products that promote this.

Adrenaline appears to be the drug of choice these days, a drug that desensitizes most and allows for a skewed rationale that finds acceptance for bringing harm to others, regardless of the species. But since we are dealing, today, with the ruthless death of so many children, we need to focus on how we can start acting like our lives and those of others have meaning for ourselves and those we claim to care about and showing it to each other through our words and actions.

That's what comes to mind in my world at the moment with regard to your question.

NRA = No Reasoning Allowed.

A very sad day indeed.

There are several Ravens loudly jumping around on my roof as I write this, in my culture they are messengers of the spirit world... I hope that these words are considered and acted upon by those who have been at a loss about how to bring about the changes we need in our society.

I hope that these ideas can take hold in our society and be utilized in a good way to heal us from this disease and to help heal those who have been terribly wounded by it.

Fear is the opposite of Love...

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