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Fri Dec 14, 2012, 11:51 AM


John Pilger on Barack Obama and the CIA

There is no doubt that PNAC's neocon agenda has continued unabated under Obama.

The neocon agenda, PNAC published in 1997, called for regime change in 6 countries by force. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Lebanon & Jordan.

Iraq was done under GW Bush.

Libya was done by Obama (installing an Islamic Extremist government in the process.)

Syria in progress (the rebels in the Free Syrian Army also contain a high proportion of Islamic Extremists). The rebels are being openly armed by Saudi Arabia. Libyan weapons including shoulder held ground to air missile launchers have found their way into Syria.

Aggression against Iran continues.

Lebanon and Jordan are being destabilised by events in Syria, so PNAC's agenda in those countries is being progressed as well.

Is it the intention of US Foreign Policy to replace all secular Middle East regimes with Islamic Extremist ones?

If it is not the intention, it is the effective result and these people are not idiots.

Look at what has happened in Egypt and Libya.

The second theme to the neocon agenda is to reduce civil liberties and increase surveillance on American citizens.
This agenda too continues to be expanded under Barack Obama.

Barack Obama extended the Patriot Act and signed NDAA.
NDAA repeals Posse Comitatus allowing the military to operate on the streets of US cities.
NDAA expands the "battlefield" to include the United States.
NDAA codifies the indefinite detention provisions already made available in the Patriot Act.

The surveillance state has dramatically ramped up under Obama. All US emails are being collected. Along with a sizeable proportion of mobile phone convo's, internet searches and Facebook / twitter activity. These measures are primarily designed to provide ammunition to discredit or actually charge anyone who dissents against the government in the future. They are NOT anti terrorism measures. The DHS has now started spying on public buses.
Barack Obama is already the most active and authoritarian President ever, in cracking down and harassing any whistle blowers who speak up about the US governments activities.

The whole thing is an incredible waste of taxpayer money apart from the civil liberties issues.

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