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Thu Dec 13, 2012, 01:56 PM

Bahbwah WAHWAH could have escaped banality thru her true calling: Porn

Her career in journalism(sic) has consisted in chasing semi-salacious revelations about *other* people. Only when she needed a fresh thrust for her own fade-out did she dish tidbits about herself that, at the late date, weren't even shocking (gasp, a Black senator!1), but she thought they made her avant garde.

Her choice of General Betrayus was solely for his sex scandal, which, despite the national security dimension, was just boring in its washed-out military cardboard way. There's nothing revelatory about the military's ass-kissing structure, "I'm Somebody because my rank says so. Oh, and I'm brilliant, too. And I'm a patriotic wonder and that means Amurcan Family and Church, although we military cuss and whore because we deserve it."

She never fails to smack down guests competing for notoriety with, "Are you coming forward now because you have a book to sell?!1" -- not like HER, of course. And even her cringe inducingness, like asking the Dalai Lama permission to touch him, is just on the EWwww level, not even shocking. She's like that Catholic priest, Andrew GREELEY, who writes sex novels, lacing his interviews with double entendres about sex, to which LETTERMAN said, "I don't even know what that MEANS!1"

It's amazing how she can be both shameless and banal at the same time.

ON EDIT: Here's something mitigating about GREELEY from Wiki: "Politically, he has been an outspoken critic of the George W. Bush administration and the Iraq War, and supports immigration rights. His book entitled A Stupid, Unjust, and Criminal War: Iraq 2001–2007 (2007), evaluates and presents the logic of the rush to start the Iraqi War by the Bush administration and its consequences for the United States."



[font size=5]Barbara Walters Is the Most Fascinating Person of The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012, Especially When She Says “Fahts”[/font]
Rich Juzwiak

.... A felt puppet replica of Walters hosted the show. She told Chris Christie he's fat, implied that EL James is a cow who should not be having any sex (let alone rough sex), said she was going to kill herself to the delight of One Direction, asked Ben Affleck about his "wonder sperm," seemingly made a sperm double entendre out of Gaby Douglas telling her that the "boys will come later" and ran down a list of Seth McFarlane's favored topics. This forced felt Babs to say the words "bestiality," "premature ejaculation" and "farts," which she pronounced "fahts," of course, which is the best thing she's ever done in her storied and boundary-defying career. A clip reel of highlights of a woman who everyday redefines the concept of "not getting older but getting better" is above. ....


[font size=5]Barbara Walters Reveals Age She Lost Her Virginity (VIDEO)[/font]

.... The co-hosts were talking about Lolo Jones, the 29 year-old Olympic athlete who recently revealed that she is a virgin and is waiting until marriage to have sex. The hurdling star talked about the difficulties of dating in an interview with HBO.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested that Tim Tebow would be the perfect match for her. Like Jones, the New York Jets quarterback has stated that he won't have sex until he's married.

Behar wasn't so sure about Hasselbeck's proposal. "Men like women who put out, right, Barbara?" she asked.

"What?" Walters cried, looking visibly shocked. "I don't know about you, but I, it took me, I won't give away how old I was —" she sputtered.

Behar said that she and Walters were backstage discussing how old they were when they each lost their virginity. "We were 22, she and I, you can say it," she said. Behar added that that would be considered "ancient" today. ....


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