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Fri Jan 20, 2012, 12:57 PM


So far, Chris Wallace and Geraldo say they would have asked Newt that question first too.

They also think his response was a dodge, and a cynical one. They also concur with Santorum, that Gingrich has no focus, is flighty, and unable to see anything thru. They talk about him as if he has ADD.

Newt is going to get no love, once it all settles in.

But, all the candidates confirmed that unless they capture all aspects of our gov, obstruction is their only tool. Doing harm will be considered sexy.

Like in the last election, the elites might not want to win, knowing they ruined the country. Like they didnt want to win with McCain, but his simpering ineptness at emboldening haters, and flipping off our nominee, makes them opt for a nasty Gingrich.

Rethug voters will settle for scorched earth. To hell with ideals, or fixing anything. What they dont understand, is that will become their tatoo. They never again, will be allowed to pontificate about social conservative double standards.

When Newt loses the general, fundies will call for the craven pols heads. Old line cons, will call for eliminating the illogical fundies.
We will have a war between social, and fiscal cons. Which is good, otherwise, we might see real second ammendment solutions floated by the elite.

Also, the old line cons will call for Fox News' heads, as they promoted the social conservative values above all others, and promoted angst, and demoted real discussion. That might work for the base, but is deadly in the general election.

We had better smash both their ideologies but good, or they might very well opt to bring back lynching of gays, minorities and the poor. Oh, and all those unamericans{liberals and progressives}.

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