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Fri Nov 30, 2012, 02:50 PM

Wow, how QUAINT, one of my 2001 blasts to MSNBC ombudsman griping about Tweety

Cleaning out an old folder and there were some of my old LttE to the local paper and this antiquated e-mail, with copies to TWENTY-ONE media types: Bartcop, BLITZER, BuzzFlash, CapGang, CONASON, Geraldo, GIBSON, GRODIN, Mistah KURTZ, Liz SMITH, Tweety himself, O'LOOFAH, ROMENESKO, G.E.RUSSERT, Salon, Sam DONALDSON, Tony SNOW, Brit HUME, Media Whores Online, and rackjite.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001 1:27 PM
Subject: Complaint to MSNBC Ombudsman

To CC: A copy of a complaint about Oddball MATHHEWS (for all the good it'll do):

This is a complaint about the continuing IRRESPONSIBILITY of your out-of-control "talent" MATTHEWS. On his 06-11-01 program, he chose to spew out another of his spnning on the so-called "Red vs. Blue" states in the past so-called election. It is a common hack trick that MATTHEWS, LIMBAUGH, and MATALIN, among others, have frequently used to attempt to portray the large expanse of less populated "red" TERRAIN states as meaning that the vast MAJORITY of the country really voted for the current holder of the presidency. As we all know even the SLIM majority in a given state meant the whole state was awarded to whomever, and unpopulated TERRAIN might be colored red. But MATTHEWS passed another milestone for him, yesterday claiming he sees in this map a blessed diversity, a spectrum of political beliefs, with the CENTER being the NRA, to the more far RIGHT of the NRA being the militia movement, to the LEFT of the NRA being the REAGANites, then to the far left being all the rest of the LEFT. This fellow has left behind the mere expression of opinion to be the ODDBALL propagandist. I have monitored him closely enough to know that he seldom sticks with one position long enough to be considered PRINCIPLED. He has in fact been skipping from one theme to another, as if to FIND himself. I don't know how he got past the Kathleen WILLEY incident, in which his IRRESPONSIBILITY literally triggered an almost-shooting, without being fired. But YOUR NETWORK shares in this irresponsibility by allowing him on the air beyond his ODDBALL program to anchor so-called news events as though he is actually some kind of reporter.

*********** Another member of the Media Whores Online community responded: ********
The non-whore guy who wrote to MSNBC about Screamer the Whore is forgetting one thing - you don't get fired from NBC if someone gets shot as a result of your actions. You get fired from NBC if you wear a swuirrel on top of your head while getting tang in a Virginia hotel room. Then of course you get your job back a year later.


Ah, memories...

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