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Fri Nov 30, 2012, 12:42 PM

Dear Washington douchebags: "JUMP"!


You don't like President Obama playing hardball with you fuckers do you?

Yeah that's right you frickin bastards. Obama won the goddamn election and you pundits and asswipes didn't. And guess what, here is his initial offer:

1. An immediate $1 trillion tax hike through higher top marginal income tax rates as well as higher taxes on both capital gains and dividends.
2. An agreement to raise $600 billion more in taxes later this year by limiting tax deductions for top earners.
3. $50 billion in new infrastructure stimulus spending.
4. Another “emergency” extension of unemployment benefits.
5. An extension of either the payroll tax cut or the reinstatement of Obama’s stimulus Making Work Pay tax credit.
6. A mortgage refinancing program.
7. Billions in new spending to prevent cuts to Medicare reimbursement payments for doctors.
8. An infinite debt limit hike.

You passed your Ryan Budget. Were here's the FUCK YOU to the Ryan Budget. And if you don't like it...JUMP MOTHERFUCKERS! Jump off the cliff you bastards! You don't like the offer...fine...stop negotiating. Mitch McConnell says he burst out laughing. I never heard a repressed turtle laugh, but i'm sure it sounds plenty goddamn good from the edge of a cliff or slope or promontory or whatever.

All I know is this, we Democrats stand firmly behind our president. If he's in your motherfucking face, we're happy about it. As far as I'm concerned, if you wont kneel and bow to your master, then go ahead and be ballsy and jump!


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