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Fri Nov 30, 2012, 09:02 AM

Just Take December Off

Friday :: Nov 30, 2012
Just Take December Off

by paradox


Who on earth does Congress think they’re fooling with all this self-imposed masturbatory political trigger contortions of nothing? Jesus Christ. If things are so horribly nuclear terrible this Fall with impossible conditions, well then my good homies, let the conditions expire and fix them in January when everyone is not so trapped. Or bullied into something greatly harmful.

And oh my fucking god the media in all this! Approximately two weeks ago I made the mistake of eating dinner in front of NBC, and not only did they totally leave out the history and context of the Bush tax cuts and those making more than $250,000, the rank fear-mongering in all this absurdity was deeply alarming. “This is really scary!” the reporter breathlessly panted.

NBC needs a story, fine, but inciting fear over nothing with issues that hold great importance is a line those assclowns should be a lot more careful of. NBC seems to think it has a bottomless well of trust in its viewers as they barf up anything they call journalism, but it cannot last forever with such powerfully destructive behavior.

Amusingly one of the terrible triggers are defense cuts. If one really thinks DOD cuts are coming from this totally militarist President and Congress, dream on. What a laugher, DOD triggers will do that magical vanishing act soon.


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