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Tue Nov 20, 2012, 02:59 PM

With all the wars and threatened wars going on worldwide

With all the wars and threatened wars going on worldwide I felt the need to share some thoughts on what is happening.

1. Insurgency and escalation. Let's pretend for a minute that we were suddenly being bombed and invaded by foreigners. A bomb goes off in your neighborhood and an entire family: men, women, children were killed. We knew this family. We knew they did not cause harm to others or deserve to be killed. We are not part of our government or military. Something changes in our minds. We will be angry and grieving this great "casualty" of war. In order to try to safeguard our own families and community, we stockpile any weapons and supplies and fight back. We have officially become the enemy and no longer just civilians. We would fight to the death to keep our families safe. We would be the insurgents.

2. Protest. A neighboring state/country sees the killing of civilians and it's own citizens rise up to show that they do not condone the violence directed at the innocent. They assemble with signs and shout slogans. But something strange happens. Their own police and military come to disperse this peaceful act and create a "mini" war with it's very own citizens. The protesters are seen as a rebellion and as such cannot be tolerated. The protesters become the enemy.

3. Media. The media outlets are not unbiased. We know this from experience do we not? How are the masses to form an educated opinion of these wars if they are not told the truth? Hatred towards certain groups/countries/religions, etc is growing and the so-called media is stirring this hate.

4. Distraction. Just like the court jesters of the old days, we are entertained to the point of numbness to reality. The veil has been pulled over our eyes to have not seen the tension mounting around us. Both here and abroad.

5. Politics. Folks, we could very well be on the verge of civil in-fighting (not ready to say war just yet). The ideas and opinions between political beliefs are so different and a line has been drawn. It's hard to even have a conversation with those of opposing views because of the emotion and stubborness behind those beliefs.

I guess I'm trying to say that the tension felt around the world is swelling and as liberals, who believe in protecting the innocent, feeding the hungry, and caring about peoples of all culture, how will we react to the tragedies happening right now? I hope that we are able to remember who we are and what we stand for, which in the end is peace and compassion. And I don't believe in calling the death of a child a casualty of war. When a child dies it is a tragedy no matter the circumstance and in war situations, I believe it should be called murder.

Perhaps my thoughts come off as too pacifist for most on DU. I just wish and hope and pray to whoever hears for a better, safer, and more compassionate humanity.

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