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Tue Nov 20, 2012, 12:20 PM

You Just Think Your Thanksgiving Dinner With Con Relatives Will Be Bad

If you don't find it fun to keep up with the crazies (I do, a little) or if you don't see value in keeping up with the extreme element so eagerly embraced by the GOP, the following excerpts from a discussion at Teapartyorg.ning.com won't interest you.

Most of our families are diverse and some members earn from us perhaps a little more tolerance for, hmmm, eccentricities than we display generally. But we've learned where to draw our lines, right? Maybe some of you know worse than those quoted below, but hopefully you are few. So there's something for which to be grateful: these Americans (so far) won't be at your table!

the only weapon you have now till the next mid-term election is your wallet. Obama and the Liberals need all of those sales taxes to survive so if you're serious about being a Conservative prove it by conserving your spending habits and bury these Liberals once and for all . Without your sales tax dollars they can't keep giving away their free stuff. Don't you get it by now ?

Imagine trying to explain about sales taxes to Uncle Dan.

And here Juanita shares that she survived a recent close call-

You should have seen how fast the meter man was not in my back yard, and at his truck across the street talking on his phone! I believe in self-defense, and some of us need a little equalizing, Walther style. For about the 30 minutes this was all playing out, my heart was in my throat. I should have let my hound out, but didn't want her hurt.

Pass the potatoes?

Hurricane Sandy postponed the UN meeting in America, that is to decide the fate of our guns... until March. We only have until March to start holding the ones that are allowing the destruction of our country accountable. That is it! The windows are closing... soon.

OK, ok, ok, I hear ya; Cuzin Leslie Rose might be fun.

Oh wait, no she won't be-

Thomas Jefferson proved that a lot of full - Blacks can not be brought up to higher standards... mentally. He loved black people and tried very hard to educate them and change their thinking. There are books written that have proven a lot of blacks operate at an IQ of only 70... which means they are mildly retarded. I like black people very much. They are the ones that will anyone on the streets that needs help... even before a white man will. The only problem is they can be influenced so easily... and by nature are lazy. In America... most black men were raised without Father's... due to the Gov encouraging women to have kids... and not have the fathers around... or their benefits are cut off. This has lead to a major crisis in America. That is why our jails are full of black men.
And... by the way... in jail is where these black men are being recruited to convert to the muslim faith. If you convert... you receive better food and treatment... and more. Then they are released back into the population. Talk about a huge problem that has been growing for years now! This is why we have to back Cain... West and all the other "Good" black men. This is also why they had to shoot Cain and West down... and many other Good Black men! They can't afford to lose what they have carefully cultivated. If the blacks knew they were being played by the commie white man... they would flip back over real quick!

Yeah, half way through the first sentence and we're remembering a can of soup in the cabinet at home that's sounding so good we can't find the car keys fast enough.

They get offended -offended- when it is suggested that racism is rampant in the tea party, but from the same discussion-

In answer to your first question about why Blacks stay with the Democrats. I sincerely believe that it's because they are a stupid race of people. I know, I sound racist, but that's the way I feel. Their stupidity is demonstrated by their "culture" of improper English shuck & Jive talk; wearing pants with the crack of their butts showing; flashing gang signs; shooting up neighborhoods; demeaning any other Black kid who wants to get an education; not understanding that if you want to get ahead that you have to stop acting like an idiot, and having a racist attitude. Oh sure, there is that 5 % who break out of the Black "culture" mode, but the majority of Blacks seem to want to function at a lower level of society, and then complain about prejudice against them. If any particular group of people function on the level of gross stupidity, why would anyone with brain consider them to be anything but stupid? i.e.: Bill Cosby always tells it like it is. To bad most Blacks are too stupid to listen.

Quintessential racism with a Kapital KK. Fools and racists. And who is in charge?-

...Announce at your Thanksgiving dinner table that you have joined the Founders Party. Simply sit back and watch what happens. Don't worry about answering questions...my mother still asks me "Who runs the Tea Party." I simply smile and say "We do."

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Response to Rose Siding (Original post)

Tue Nov 20, 2012, 12:47 PM

1. I enjoyed reading your post then suddenly around paragraph 4, I had a bile episode.

My hubby and I were discussing this one evening. He was commenting on how the GOP coddles the racists and stereotypes blacks and the dog whistles......all that. He then went on to try to make sense of the racist (not KKK but a step or two below) assholes where we live and how even though they are racists, he's buddy-buddy with them and them with him and how they always seem so accepting and friendly when they all sit around talking friendly, gossiping or getting some work done. How they get a little too comfortable and the n word slips out when discussing other black people.....or in one particular gal's case, Obama.

I had a thought and shared with him: That's because you are THEIR nigger, you're a "good" nigger - you're much different than the ones they don't know walking down the street or the ones digging a ditch, the one we call POTUS or whatever. I said, back in the day, as long as a slave was useful or breastfed some white woman's babies, cooked their food and wiped their kids' asses, you weren't thought of in "exactly" the same way. Really hard to explain (I'm thinking the family cow, horse or flock of chickens) and fumble out gut instincts and emotions but I tried best I could.

I said it's like down here, the southern slave/master relationship still exists, it's embedded and pure ignorance and fear of free people of color being perfectly capable of running their own lives and being successful and possibly derailing the good ole boy and girl fabric of the south. It's so much easier to bully people who you think are lesser than or worse than. The racism still exists, no doubt about it but for some, it's changed into some weird, thing that's difficult for me to try explain.

I told him as long as you recognize your relationship with these people, respect it and never let your guard completely down, you won't get your feelings hurt, there will be no surprises - you might get a little shocked but it won't be emotionally devastating and you can keep up the good neighborly appearances - afterall, it's difficult to just be 1 man unto him/her self when a tree crashes down on your home or you need help digging out your septic tank.

I'm rambling.............sorry.

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Response to nc4bo (Reply #1)

Tue Nov 20, 2012, 12:53 PM

3. No apology -I really appreciate your comment

We have to live with them, hopefully influencing them in some way. That whole instinct of blaming the other is deeply rooted, and not exclusive to race.

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Response to Rose Siding (Original post)

Tue Nov 20, 2012, 12:52 PM

2. LOL.. if any Cons show up for dinner at my house

they are seriously outnumbered. They end up looking like S.E. Cupp did on Bill Mahr the other night. Just sitting there making faces because they can't defend their "policies".

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Response to Rose Siding (Original post)

Tue Nov 20, 2012, 12:59 PM

4. Argue with Uncle Fester about whether John McCain or Marco Rubio is a "natural-born" US citizen!

It's hours of fun for the whole family!

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Response to Rose Siding (Original post)

Tue Nov 20, 2012, 01:52 PM

5. My relatives will keep their mouths shut.


They know they lost.

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