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Fri Nov 16, 2012, 09:35 PM

You've Got (hate) Mail, Americans Against the Tea Party Post of the Week

This week, we are pleased to announce a new weekly article featuring our favorite piece of hate mail and/or post of the week.
In addition to running this website, we are also associated with several Facebook fan pages to include Americans Against the Tea Party.
This week’s favorite comes to us from a fan/enemy of that page. We loved his post - particularly the part about his son. And of course, there are the obligatory spelling, punctuation and grammar errors………
Stumbling through my news feed I came across a post where a friend shared a post on this page with me. I personally find this page to be filled with more filth then a Hustler magazine, and more than half of what I read on this page makes me ashamed to be an American. On one page alone these worthless pieces of shit showed exactly what is wrong with the world today. If I say to much more I will only offend even more people which to be honest, I dont really care about other than I dont want to stoop to the level of the idiots on this page. I encourage all of my friends to take the time to read some of the posts and more importantly the comments that people are leaving. If you want a really good one find the one about the key west man that committed suicide. The way that this obviously mentally disturbed person was portrayed and the blatant disregard for human decency that the people on this page have inflicted leads me to say this. FUCK YOU YOU SORRY ASS PIECES OF WORTHLESS SHIT, I INVITE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU TO MY HOUSE SO THAT MY 3 YEAR OLD CAN BITCH SLAP THE STUPID OUT OF YOU. I HOPE YOUR ALL TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO SPEAK CHINESE AND/OR ARABIC. THAT IS THE DIRECTION YOU ARE LEADING THIS COUNTRY. www.facebook.com/NoTeaParty

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