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Maybe Chris Christie was on to something lol (Original Post) AntivaxHunters Sep 28 OP
Hilarious! Bluethroughu Sep 28 #1
Donald Duck does nothing that isn't pre-planned and staged. gab13by13 Sep 28 #2
More of the "Donald Duck" with Der Fuhrer KS Toronado Sep 28 #3
The only thing Traildogbob Sep 28 #4
You are correct. murielm99 Sep 28 #6
To Funny! RexLipton Sep 28 #5
They blow fits in roughly the same way Warpy Sep 28 #7
OMG!!! It's TRUE!!! calimary Sep 28 #8
Too funny but too insulting to the Duck housecat Sep 28 #9
This! debsy Sep 28 #26
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Sep 28 #10
I like that too! SergeStorms Sep 28 #20
I like the duck better. That Donald has his head on straight. LOL appleannie1 Sep 28 #11
Wow! Katcat Sep 28 #12
Just ducky. twodogsbarking Sep 28 #13
... orangecrush Sep 28 #14
Poor Donald Duck... rubbersole Sep 28 #15
If it quacks like a duck.... 4lbs Sep 28 #16
Better than ANY of Trump's zingers! QUACK QUACK nt Shermann Sep 28 #17
No mouth. SergeStorms Sep 28 #18
Need to Read TFG's Speeches Deep State Witch Sep 28 #19
THIS is exactly the addition to the OP we need! nt Ilsa Sep 29 #32
Scrooge McDuck sarcasmo Sep 28 #21
OMG This is why I love DU senseandsensibility Sep 28 #22
Donald Duck! Ha! liberalla Sep 28 #23
Very clever! beaglelover Sep 28 #24
LOL Blue Owl Sep 28 #25
K&R Pathwalker Sep 28 #27
Now I can't unsee it PurgedVoter Sep 28 #28
Christie the only one to shine a The Wizard Sep 28 #29
Lol Smackdown2019 Sep 28 #30
Bumper Sticker the upside down duck Smackdown2019 Sep 28 #31
Donald Ducktator. wnylib Sep 29 #35
Kick dalton99a Sep 29 #33
LOL!!! Beacool Sep 29 #34


(109,695 posts)
7. They blow fits in roughly the same way
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 12:47 PM
Sep 28

But honestly, I can't see Donald Duck going for feather plugs. He'd just adjust his baseball cap.


(18,439 posts)
20. I like that too!
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 03:22 PM
Sep 28

What a coward. Of course he doesn't think he should have to attend since he's tĥe "incumbent".


(6,622 posts)
16. If it quacks like a duck....
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 02:09 PM
Sep 28

"The Donald" also sometimes sounds like a cartoon with his blather and antics.


(18,439 posts)
18. No mouth.
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 03:18 PM
Sep 28

Trump's largest physical characteristic NOT ATTACHED TO HIS TORSO is his mouth. Hands down, it's his mouth.

Stormy Daniels gave us the 411 on his "boyhood".

The Wizard

(12,324 posts)
29. Christie the only one to shine a
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 09:15 PM
Sep 28

light on how Trump has divided families, neighbors and friends. his Machiavellian strategy has allowed him to seize power and undermine the nation to benefit his owner, Vladimir. There's a psychosis running through the country and it's fueled by the right wing extremists' divisive and hateful rhetoric. They are domestic terrorists and must be confronted with extreme prejudice.


(1,129 posts)
30. Lol
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 09:56 PM
Sep 28

I blewuo the upside duck where it was just the pic and asked my wife what it looked liked... yep Trump...


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