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New Yorkers (and others) What do you think of Mayor EricAdams? (Original Post) Stinky The Clown Sep 2023 OP
Dislike. Distrust. Drum Sep 2023 #1
Incompetent buffoon comes to mind. nt 617Blue Sep 2023 #2
Trump Democrat n/t leftstreet Sep 2023 #3
Shame he won IMHO. Was really hoping Maya Wiley would have. Celerity Sep 2023 #4
She was my choice, too. Stinky The Clown Sep 2023 #5
My choice, too electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #22
Dislike Adams NYFlip Sep 2023 #19
Dislike. jrthin Sep 2023 #6
Sucks, but so does all of our Mayors since Koch Polybius Sep 2023 #7
"Hey! How am I doing?" Stinky The Clown Sep 2023 #8
Oh yes, Koch was great Polybius Sep 2023 #9
BTW, I agree about Bloomberg Stinky The Clown Sep 2023 #11
I can't understand why such a great, liberal city keeps electing horrible mayors. Sky Jewels Sep 2023 #23
Corrupt as hell Easterncedar Sep 2023 #10
gives family members and friends big jobs, right? BlueWaveNeverEnd Sep 2023 #25
Post removed Post removed Sep 2023 #12
Has a tough job. Silent Type Sep 2023 #13
Really Bad Choice montanacowboy Sep 2023 #14
It was NYC's First time using Rank Choice voting. I put him at ?4th bc electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #21
I don't know much about him but he strikes me as being not completely an honest person. Walleye Sep 2023 #15
From afar, seems like a complete idiot NewHendoLib Sep 2023 #16
I like him. Mosby Sep 2023 #17
Dislike. sinkingfeeling Sep 2023 #18
Idk, he's sort of ok, but not always. Maya was my first choice. electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #20
Dislike IbogaProject Sep 2023 #24
Oh, really? I'll have to read up on that. electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #26

Response to Stinky The Clown (Original post)


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21. It was NYC's First time using Rank Choice voting. I put him at ?4th bc
Mon Sep 4, 2023, 05:00 PM
Sep 2023

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there were a few I really didn't want in there


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Mon Sep 4, 2023, 11:14 PM
Sep 2023

He's a former cop who as Brooklyn police commissioner tried to cover up dirty cops. He's a former Republican. He removed the one good thing the last mayor did and brought back the twice a week street sweeping thing to write more tickets. He snuck in with our ranked choice instant runoff.

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